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Seminar Updates

March 13-15th - Ladies 3-day conference in Mt. Aukum, CA. You can listen to the audio recording of this meeting right here on this website!

April - Fearless Living Sessions. During the month of April, I am going to conduct a 10-week class on Fearless Living. It's going to be held at Westside Church in Placerville, CA. The dates and times have not been worked out yet, so check back for more details. This class is also going to be offered via teleconference starting. April 2nd - Thursday night at 6:00 PM PST. If you would like more information, please email us at

May 2 - 1 Day Seminar - Hilltop Community Church, Vallejo. Open to the public.

June 27th - Meeting in Sacramento. Location to be determined. Check back for more details.

July 10th - 12th - Ladies 3-day conference in Mt. Aukum, CA. Don't miss it!! It's filling fast, so call today to reserve your space.

August 7th - 9th - Ladies 3-day conference in Mt. Aukum, CA. Sign up early!

For more information on these seminars including accommodations, please visit the seminars page.

What we offer - Book Publishing!

Not only do we offer seminars, one-on-one ministry and website teachings, books and materials. But now we help you publish your book! The costs for publishing companies can be in the thousands, not to mention the costs for purchasing your own books! But we have made it possible for you to get your book self-published and printed for pennies on the dollar and even earn royalties!! Do you have poems? Recipes? A story? Give us a call to see what we can do to help you make your dream of being an "author" a reality and within a few weeks, you could have your finished product in your hand ready to sell, give away, or for a keepsake. The costs to you is a donation to LAM.

Our FIRST YouTube video! If you need a message on finding freedom from fear... then you'll want to listen in! Share it with others who may benefit from this message. Keep this information to check back for more powerful teachings!

Please check back next month for our newsletter. We were unable to add articles this month, so be sure to visit the website teachings, audio teachings, and YouTube video for uplifting and inspiring, life changing messages.


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