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We are pleased to announce that LAM is conducting two meetings in September in Southern California. Please check out the seminars page for more details. We are also coming to Pinole, CA in January 2009, check back for more details.

Tom and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on July 27th. We spent the time in Los Angeles at the Todd Bentley impartation and outpouring meeting. Though many are still unsure of this young man, I know one thing that is, God can use anyone to work His work in us. My husband and I have been ministered to and our faith has been stirred up immeasurably. We are doing things we've never done before, and enjoying God's presence more and more every day. If you don't like what Todd represents, then pray for him but don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

Am I Oppressed?

During the past couple of weeks, God has opened my eyes to the truth about oppression. I know that many use that term to describe what is happening in their lives when they are being attacked by the devil, but I want to shed light on another view. Yes, the devil is at the bottom of it, but from where does he have access?

Jesus was tempted but He never fell into the temptation because it wasn't "in" Him. He didn't have the "blood line curse" flowing into his blood because His Father was God, conceived of the Holy Ghost. Yes, He was born of a virgin, but His blood didn't come from her. If you know anything about conception, it's the man's blood that passes into the woman's egg that gives life. The woman is a container, but the man's genes is what travels through he blood into the woman. That is why in Nehemiah it talks about confessing the sins of the fathers, not the mothers, because it's the father's "sins" that pass on. The reason I explained this was because Jesus never experienced oppression. In His case, He was afflicted, He was scourged, He was abandoned, He was betrayed, all manifestations because of people. He didn't have to deal with his generations, well, we do.

I found that when we have been on a road to healing and deliverance, and that road has become longer and longer, there is something more going on. Let's say you have attended healing services, seminars, dealt with your own personal issues such as bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, fear, etc. You've had every demon cast out that you can imagine, and confessed until your confessing was getting monotonous. You have waited on that "day" of deliverance, but it just hasn't arrived. Perhaps it is oppression coming from your ancestors.

Let me share a story: I've been ministering to several people the past week and the same issue comes up, and it has the same remedy, to address this person's ethnic background. Yes, we can confess the sins of our fathers, anger, fear, rejection, abuse, bitterness, depression, etc., and even break the curses of disease off our family, which several have done, but there is one thing I found that may be over looked. To take a look at your own culture and fore-father's beliefs. For example, in an Irish decent, there are a variety of things going on. There is the "luck of the Irish" something that is always connected when Ireland is mentioned; sorcery and witchcraft, magic and spells. And of course, a shamrock and leprechaun. There was war and years of oppression from government. All of these things have made it down through a family's line into the generation you see today. As I was ministering with a lady whose background as I described, we began ministry along these lines. After praying, she said what happened. As I cast out those spirits, she saw in vision a small leprechaun looking creature, with a big mouth and pointed ears, leave her laughing. I reminded her that when we began our conversation I shared that there was a creature laughing at her because he was hiding. She immediately remembered that, and became free from her ethnicity. She felt lighter and freer almost immediately and said, "this was what was keeping me bound." She is a teacher herself and did everything she knew to shake this "heaviness" or "oppression" and now it was gone.

Another example is that of African Americans. There is a lot of generational issues passed down to this generation such as voodoo - witchcraft and occultism, slavery, families continually separated having no father in the home, anger, fear, rebellion, etc., I'm sure you can think of more things coming from that back ground. So here is another example why so many people have oppression. "Feeling" unjustified all the time, or "feeling" like someone owes them, or a "chip" on their shoulder. I spoke at a women's meeting, who were all African American women, and they agreed that their attitudes today have come from their ancestry. I asked if they were ready to live as God wanted them to live or to carry on the "family" curse? All of them agreed that they wanted to live without all this junk on them. So I was able to minister.

Let's look at the German heritage. There was mayhem, death, destruction, hate, fear, jealousy, control and manipulation, imprisonments, murder, violence, depression. I'm sure many other cultures are like this, but when we look at what Hitler did, we can see it all in one picture. He came from the German decent, and so that blood is flowing in many people's veins today because of his many ancestors before him. As a matter of fact, there are German's today that could have a mix of many other ethnic people and not even know it. But this is true for any culture. So as I was ministering in this area, the same held true when I was casting out familiar spirits. A familiar spirit is what carries the ancestral emotional defects to the next generation. I was ministering to someone who told me as a child she remembers fearing for her life. That blood ran in the streets, and fear and death was all around her. So we began dealing with that spirit of death, hell and destruction. And after ministry, she felt that something left her. She even described it has a small creature with a big mouth was laughing at her as it left. But it took two tries, because when we cast it out, she said it was still there. So we cast it out again, and it was gone.

In each case, it's not that a person is possessed, it's that a familiar spirit has attached itself to your ancestry line. It's time for us to recognize this, face these familiar spirits, deal with them once and for all. You are not only cleansing yourself, but generations after you.

For those believing this could be your problem, here are some things you can do:

1) Confess any unloving in your family line toward God. Many don't realize that their ancestors rejected God, and that passed onto them, so many have a hard time believing God.

2) Confess your sins and the sins (iniquities) of their fathers.

3) Confess you culture's belief system - based on sorcery, matriarchal control (i.e. england has women leaders), witchcraft, war, etc.

4) Then cast out the oppression familiar spirit out of your lineage.

5) Begin thanking God for exposing the enemy and setting you free. Rejoice and praise the Lord.

If you need help in this area, you can contact this ministry for assistance.


Toms' Tidbits:

Tom and I were talking about television and how captivating it is and that it can cause many to be addicted to the shows. He said, "That's why it's called "Inter - tain - ment." It enters into us, causes us to be detained, and all along not knowing we are in an "internment" camp. I added, that's why it's called "programs" because we are being programmed to think like the world.

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