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Be sure to visit the blogs. They have really blessed many and helped them deal with the daily things we face by applying the Word of God. I update it about every day, so just go to Linda's Blogs and the current one for the day will display. You can also go back and read the older ones as well. But these are "hot off the press" things that I'm going through at the moment. I believe they will be of help to someone needing a little encouraging every day. Some of the blogs are teachings, some are revelations, some are insights, but I believe they are all life changing, because they have changed my life.

Do You Get Frustrated? by Linda

How many of us go through a day and get agitated, frustrated, and irritated? Well, what if I told you that you never have to feel those things ever again? Would you believe it? The Lord taught me how to deal with frustration, and so I want to pass it on to you. By doing these simple things, you will not lose your peace in those situations, but come into a greater understanding of what is really happening.

There are two steps to this, and so here is step #1:

When we get frustrated, we are trying to do what only God can do. We get frustrated when something doesn’t go the way we want, or the person is doing what we want them to do, or we can’t do what we want to do, etc. We get frustrated when we try to change things that we cannot change! We are trying to be “God” in these instances. We have to repent for trying to be Him, and take our peace. I like to say it this way, “When we get frustrated, it means we are stepping on God’s toes.”

So the next time you get frustrated, stop and say, “Father forgive me for stepping on your toes and for trying to be you. All things will work out, maybe not my way, but your way. Help me to stay in peace and not sweat the stuff that is YOUR stuff.” I got free from frustration the day I started applying this to my life, and I have to say that I don’t get frustrated any more.

Step #2 – Frustration also comes when we have not been honest. Like I said, I don’t get frustrated any more, well, I found myself the other day “feeling” frustrated. So I stopped and asked myself what I’m trying to do that only God could do. But in this case, that wasn’t the case. In this case it was because I wasn’t truthful with someone. And if we aren’t truthful, the other person continues doing the thing you don’t want done because they are basing their response on our lies. Let me give you an example:

I am working on a project. And a friend of mine wanted to help work on it. The job is really a one-person job and would be hard to have another help. But, I went along with it. Then I started “feeling” frustration. I began getting mad at the person, I was feeling like I wanted to pull out of the project all together, I was getting irritated, etc., and it was coming out in my actions toward my husband, and others around me. So I went to the Lord about it, and this is what He said. “You are not being honest with your friend. You don’t want to work on the project together, just tell him.” Oh… I said… But of course, telling someone the truth could hurt their feelings… but we have to stay in truth as the Bible says. So that’s what I did. I prayed first though, so that my hurt and frustration with him didn’t manifest… and I simply shared my heart and the truth of the matter.

My peace was restored, and I even apologized to him for not being completely honest with him about it. He received it well, and now I’ll be working on the project, but after it’s done, he can go over it for his input.

We also must consider something else. Are we being true to ourself? Are we being honest with ourself? Are you doing things in life that you don’t want to be doing or don’t have peace about doing? We need to be true to ourselves people… this is not only good biblical sense, but will eliminate more of your frustration.

I hope that you take these into consideration, because frankly, frustration is sin, and we need to stay free from that. And I believe what I shared with you WORKS… when we DO it

Tom's Tidbits by Linda

"Dreams are cool... but you gotta know when you're awake or when you are asleep!"

Tom and I were talking about people who have dreams that have not yet been fulfilled. I'm not talking about the dreams God has for you, but you have for you. For example, someone who has the dream of having a huge singing career. Or regardless of what the dream is, we need to be sure we are "awake." What I mean is that, you are not sleep walking...

There is someone we know who is stuck in the past hoping for some big break, but the truth is, this person doesn't realize their talent isn't very good. It reminds me of watching "American Idol's" auditions. All those people really "think" they can sing! And it's a rude awakening when they are told they can't. They still can't believe it. What happens is that this person asks for feedback from those who are close to them. But if you truly want the truth, you need to venture out of that circle. Because your friends don't want to hurt you so they won't be honest.

What we need to do is test our dreams... especially if they are dreams like singing, or things like that. Ask someone to listen to know for sure you "hear" what you hear... We can't go on living life "thinking" we have the talent when we don't. And on the other hand, we don't need others telling us we can or cannot do anything either.. there is a balance. But especially in singing, ask someone who has an ear for it to be sure you DO have that talent before pursing a music career... Will save you a lot of time, effort, and headache. You can relate this to other talents like carpentry, music, art, etc.. But any dream or vision for the Kingdom that you have CANNOT be hindered... because God completes where we cannot... so continue pursuing those with His power and strength.

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