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Can we Have Peace During Such Hard Times?

There is so much turmoil and unrest these days. With the election, some are happy some are sad. With the economy, many are struggling and in dispair. And now here comes Christmas! Can we still have joy? Can we still have peace? Can we still have hope? Is there provision still available?


How? Our happiness and peace and joy does not depend on our circumstances. No matter how big or small those circumstances are. The same faith applies to both. Whether you lost your dog or whether you lost your job, the same principles apply. Have faith in God. For when we put our faith in men, we are falling short and will fall into dispair. Men will fail us, as they too have their own issues to contend with. But God never fails. Now I hear some of you saying, "But why is God allowing all this to happen?" There should be no surprise as to what is going on in this world. All these things have to happen before the Lord's return, and that's what we are all looking forward to, right? But, even I forgot that we may have to "go through" some things before Jesus comes back. Many want to be raptured, I do too. But it may not happen the way we think and we may have to stick things out a bit more than we thought. But it doesn't matter what is going on "around" us, it's what is going on inside us. Because it's the inner man that is strengthened that will be able to go through anything with success and victory.

This ministry is to help people find their foundation in the Lord. To be restored in relationship, to help them find strength and power and peace in God. Not just to have a wonderful healthy life, which is a fringe benefit, but to be ready for the times that are coming on this earth, if the Lord tarries. If we cannot even deal with a grouchy boss, how are we going to weather persecution and freedoms removed? How are we going to deal with our jobs being lost? How are we going to deal with the fact we have no money? Or that we even are imprisoned for being Christians? We have to get our solid foundation in the Lord so that when someone comes along and tries to persercute you or accuse you, you won't fall to pieces. You will have the Word of truth inside you so strong that those things will just be like water on a duck's back.

Yes, we can have peace in the midst of the storm. Storms in our lives personally and storms in our nation and world. The Bible says there will be wars and rumors of wars but the end is not yet. People will be imprisoned, and even killed for the gospel. These things have to take place before Jesus' return. But it's not time to get into fear about it, but rejoice because when you see these things happen, the King of Glory is about ready to establish His kingdom on this earth! I believe our generation is the "selected" generation to see these things come to pass, so we have to be ready.

Throughout this website I have provided a variety of teachings to help you establish your foundation in God. For though the earth falls away, the Word of God never falls away. That my friend, is the only thing we can depend on as a constant in our lives. Things change. The minute you think you are doing okay, things change. Or when you find yourself in a situation that is not good, it too will change. Nothing stays the same. I have learned to hold loosely to things in my life, and it has allowed me to flow with those changes without falling apart. And the only way we can do that is when we trust God with all our things, all our heart, all our family, our provision, and protection. And that with every trial, He will give a way out. We may not like the way out, but He gives us choices nonetheless.

Look at Jesus. What was His way out? By way of the cross. But in the end, He is now at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us. Constantly has His eye on us. Made a way for us to one day be with our Heavenly Father. It was dreary for Him, very painful, full of torment, but He endured. The Bible says that he who endures to the end shall be saved. For Jesus, this was "his way out" of this world, but it brought salvation to everyone who was willing to receive it. I find that anything that is of great value may come with some sacrifice. But again, if we don't have a strong intimate close relationship with God, we won't be able to handle any sacrifice at all, and we will remain stuck in the same place we started. And along with that comes fear and dread.

So, don't be one of those floundering and worrying, frustrated, and in fear. Be bold and courageous. If you are discouraged, repent! Discourage is the opposite of Courage. And it is a command to be bold and courageous. And we can be all these things when we have received the perfect love of our Heavenly Father, for us. It's time to move on leaving all our junk behind. Forgive yourself now, even today and begin to live. Release all those people who have hurt you, forgive them from your heart, and live! Seek God with all your heart, soul and mind, and receive all He has for you. Open your heart to receive, even in the midst of all your junky thoughts and ways. Get a grip. God has everything for you that you need, but we block it because of our own mindsets. Renewing our mind daily is critical for our lives to be made whole and with an ability to trust and believe God. Confess your sins before the Father, don't ever stop doing that because they can pile up and you can fall back into doubt and unbelief toward God. I found that those who have doubt and unbelief, guilt and condemnation are carrying old sins around! Take a minute right now, like a new years resolution, and just go to God with all your hurts, broken dreams, resentments, unforgiveness, confusions, doubt, unbelief, and fear and just talk to Him. Yes, right now. Come clean before God, make a new start with a new year. And I can almost guarantee you that the world won't cave in on you, that you will have peace in your storms, and you will find provision and help in time of need. But it's our own junk preventing good things from happening to us (Jeremiah 5:25).

I say all this to say this one thing. God is Good, all the time. Put your confidence and trust in Him and Him alone, and you will become more stable and strong in your life, with the ability to stand the tests of time. The Bible says that there will be a strong delusion that will come upon this earth that even the very elect (you and I) could be decieved. But I know that for those who have sold out for God by trusting Him with every part and every area of our lives, we won't be so easily swayed into believing the deception that is going to come upon this earth.

So I encourage you to take your eyes off the world and put them on God, His love, His hope, His provision, and His strength. We can do this together, we can do all things through Christ who strenghens us. No one can ever take that away!

"Dear Heaveny Father. You have a handle on all that is going on in the world, and even in our own personal lives. And you have not forsaken us nor abandoned us. Help us to put our eyes upon you, not on our circumstances. Help us to seek you even more. Help us to read your Word and talk with you every minute of the day. Help us to get more acquainted with you, your character, and develop a more intimate relationship with you as daddy. Let not the things we see, feel or hear sway us from the truth. The truth never changes, emotions do. Help us to not go by our emotions, for they can lie to us. Help us to "know" you with all our heart, soul and mind and strength. When we know you, and who you are, we will not only know who we are, but have what we need to weather the storms coming our way. Strengthen us Lord. We confess our sin of doubt, unbelief and fear Lord. Forgive us and cleanse us and purge us and fill us with all that you are. Let us not be weary in well doing. Let us continue occupying and doing all that you have put in our hearts to do. Let us not stop loving, giving, and forgiving, sharing, leading, helping, and teaching. Let us occupy. Restore our hope. For even though things are going on around us that is hard, there are people out there struggling even more. Help us to find opportunity to love on them. To encourage them. To visit the fatherless and widows. Let us remember what the great commission is on this world. It's not to get well and be happy, to have three cars and a good job, it's to lead people to you Lord. Let us not forget that. I ask during this Christmas season that we each find someone to bless. Help us be creative and fearless, bold and courageous and share our lives with others. Help us to share our hope so they too can find strength in time of need. I thank you for restoring us to your heart Lord. I thank you for taking care of us, protecting us and providing for us. We receive your goodness and your love right now in Jesus name. Amen."

Be enouraged dear saint! Hold on and go for the ride, because God is in the front seat leading.

Tom's Tidbits

Tom and I were talking about the things going on in the world. So many jobs being lost. Businesses being bought out from foreigners. Pretty soon America wont' be america any more, but a complete different country. We talked about the presidency and how that is going to affect this nation. We were talking about things I just shared in the article above, and then Tom said, "Let's enjoy what we have every day, because things are going to change." Tom has his eye on what is going on around, but has his faith in God to see us through. We may not get to live like we used to live, but we have each other, and a God who loves and provides for his kids. Our confidence and faith is in God and God alone. Not in government, jobs, or people. We trust God together for the necessities of life and will continue doing so even more now. Nothing is taken for granted any longer and we will live every day to the fullest. Loving as many as we can. Sharing as much as we can. Giving as often as we can. Our focus is different. Things that used to matter, doesn't any more. People is what matters. You are what matters.

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