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What's New with LAM?

We are so excited to share that we have a book signing scheduled for Dec. 8th at Borders in Folsom CA., from 10:00 am - noon. If you are in the area, please come by and I'll be happy to sign your copy of the book, "What Was I Thinking?" For more details on it, click here.

We are offering classes beginning December 8th, and have about two a month scheduled through February. We will continue adding classes and posting them to the seminars page on this site, so be sure to check in from time to time. You can attend the classes in person or by phone! You can listen in and participate in the comfort of your own home. So if that is of interest to you be sure to check it out on the Teachings page.

As we are now in our new office location, we are scheduling minsitry appointments. If you need prayer, want to talk, or just visit, you can come in to the new office or we can schedule a phone consultation. These are all free of charge... as we want to do our part in helping you live a full and abundant life so that you can help others do the same.

The address is: 6166 Enterprise Drive #B, Diamond Springs, CA 95619. Our Phone # is 530-622-1647.

Delivered from a Pharmaceutical Drug by Linda Lange

This segment is a testimony from a friend of mine who was addicted to a pharmaceutical drug and how she got set free. So without further adoo... here is her story in her own words:

After a 20 year addiction to a precription anti-anxiety drug (klonopin) I'am free! I am 3 weeks off!!! I now know what is is like to be under Satan's control, those drugs were his tool to kill me, as I ended up in 4 pshyc wards and 3 re-hab facilities, not to mention my daughters fear of finding me dead in my room. Well, it took me awhile to get here, I had to learn Gods way of coping, NOT MINE! I also finally realized that He really does love me, and that there is nothing to fear, fear was my constant companion. I am thankful for this experience, I now know, really know the battle we face between good and evil.

From this, I am able to help others now, I have an online support group for Benzo withdrawl. I have recieved 2 messages recently from people wanting to know how I did it. They wanted to know how I was able to... #1 get off of the poison, meet my future husband and have a wedding, all while I was in withdrawl! You see, so many are suffering and sick,while trying to be free of these evil drugs. I can proudly say it was and is the Lord, He is my strength! When I was weak, He made me strong, I give Him all the glory and honor He deserves.

If this story has caused you to seek out help and direction for your life in this area, contact this ministry and we'll connect you with this online support.

Christmas Glory

Why is there so much controversy around celebrating Christmas? I've been a part of that too where Christmas is not to be celebrated... where is it in the Bible? people would ask. Then others who Celebrate it find themselves getting deeper in debt, stress and anxiety seem to be their closest friends, and old painful memories creep in. Lots to deal with this time of year.. .and oh.. not to mention colds and flu... yikes!

But in all these things there is a way to complete santity, peace, joy, and health. So lets start with first things first.

The reason for Christmas is the purpose we live and breathe on this planet... to love an serve God with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength.. and if it includes picking a day out of the year to go full-force... then whose to discount that? The Bible even says not to judge others who celebrate "holy" days (Colossians 2:16 Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:). I think I'll let that scripture talk for itself.

So let me add my thoughts as well. When Jesus was born, gifts were brought to Him. That is why we now celebrate our own birthdays... with gifts. So if we continue celebrating our birthday, why can't we celebrate His? There are also other scriptures that "allude" to this... like... whatever you do, do it in faith otherwise it is sin. So if you think that christmas is a sin, then don't do it! That's between you and God, but don't judge others for doing it... Then you are in sin again... whew!

Other scriptures say, Whatever you do, do as unto the Lord. Now I like that because this way I can't get hurt if I don't "receive" something from those I give to. If I give as unto the Lord, I can't get hurt or rejected.

Then there's the old hurts that could come up. What do we do with those? Well, first, if they keep coming up there is unforgiveness in there somewhere, which has resulted in a broken heart. And a broken heart opens us up to all kinds of things, like colds and flu. So, simply forgive them once and for all, and ask God to heal and mend and restore your heart. We have not because we ask not, or we aren't asking accordingly...

I think that about covers things for this year. The Bible is very clear on keeping things simple... so lets enter December with honesty and simplicity.. which is also the description of being "generous."

See you in the New Year! And be sure to check out the website often for updates and things you can participate with. If you want to give into this minsitry to further this work, your donations are greatly welcomed. You can send a check or use paypal on this site to donate. We love and appreciate you!


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