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What's New with LAM?

We are starting our 2011 class series on variious topics beginning January 5th, and have about 2 - 3 scheduled a mont through February. We will continue adding classes and posting them to the seminars page on this site, so be sure to check in from time to time. You can attend the classes in person or by phone! You can listen in and participate in the comfort of your own home. So if that is of interest to you be sure to check it out on the Teachings page.

As we are now in our new office location, we are scheduling minsitry appointments. If you need prayer, want to talk, or just visit, you can come in to the new office or we can schedule a phone consultation. These are all free of charge... as we want to do our part in helping you live a full and abundant life so that you can help others do the same.

The address is: 6166 Enterprise Drive #B, Diamond Springs, CA 95619. Our Phone # is 530-622-1647. Please call to schedule a visit/appointment as we are there on appointment.

Widow's Mite by Linda

I recieved an amazing revelation the other day on this story. Of the widow who gave her last piece of money, a small coin, and it was recognized as she gave "all" she had. And that it was more than those who gave thousands. But, let's look at it in another light. Yes, this is about money, but one area I never saw before is that the passage said she gave her living.

That is why the Lord teaches us to live sacrifically, then you are "giving" all your living, your "widow's mite" in other words.


I want to share a testimony of a dear friend of mine who has been a part of this ministry teaching for some time. She has experienced some great things by applying the truth that makes us free. Here is her story in her own words.

Recently, I was diagnosed with a medical diagnosis that was not present 3 years ago. A couple of things happened. First, I checked the spiritual roots and saw that they were what I call "self-directed" roots... self-bitterness, self-hatred, self-rejection, self-accusation and guilt. I began "thinking" about a question that I'd been asked repeatedly over the past 2 years - was moving to this town a mistake?

Actually, this thought comes up on a regular basis. (In hindsight, now that I'm at the other end of the tunnel, it seems that if a thought comes up repeatedly, I need to start asking myself, why? and consider the possibility that I haven't taken that thought captive) I "thought" I'd already dealt with these self-directed issues, not realizing at that moment, that I had, but I was now at the next painful layer of the onion. I wondered if I had been blaming myself for all that had transpired in recent years, knowing all the while, at least, intellectually, that it was a spiritual battle. There are no mistakes in God's kingdom, just purification. He works everything to good for those who love him. And it's probable that the physical symptoms were finally manifesting from many years with these spiritual roots.

The pain and other symptoms began increasing to the point where I was unable to do anything but lay down. In my pain, flat on my back, I began praying, but it felt like I was hitting some type of block. I thought I was dealing with unforgiveness, but I wasn't getting anywhere on that subject. Then God showed me that I did not believe HIM!! I doubted that he could and would carry me through this situation. I'd been wallowing in a lot of "what ifs" and "whys". God reminded me of the many "impossibles" that he enabled me to overcome by trusting in Him. He also showed me how he'd led me step by step along the way. I had to weep in confession & repentance that I did have doubt, unbelief and him. Once I did, and received his forgiveness, he filed me with his perfect peace. I had sweet and uninterrupted sleep. This morning, I am pain free. Hallelujah! I recognize that I am God's chosen daughter, I am the apple of my Papa's eye, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, my Father in Heaven rejoices over me with singing. I have more peace and joy today! I say "more" because we can always get more! Praise the Lord!

Tom's Tidbits by Linda

"I've got a dream"

Tom and I were talking about people's dreams. And in that conversation he said that people should have dreams. But we have to realize that our dreams may not be other people's dreams. Look at what happened to Martin Luther... he had a dream, and someone didn't agree with it! Then he added, "And it's "their" dream, not any one elses to make it happen." This is very freeing for people who think it's their responsibility to make everyone happy. We cannot. I remember when I started this ministry and many people were so excited about helping. They would help at one event, then they wouldn't help again. This went on for years and I finally asked God, "Why is that?" He said, this is YOUR dream... not theirs. Oh.... that made perfect sense.

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