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NEWSLETTER, February 2016

What's New with LAM?

We are starting our 2016 class series called Fearless Living. Starting March 2nd, you will be joined with many all around the world learning how to walk in absolute peace, free from fear, anxiety, stress and more. It's a teleconference class and all you need to do is call in. There is a $125.00 class fee (includes workbook) but when calling and you mention you saw this in our January Newsletter, we'll offer the class for 1/2 price!

Check back for more classes coming up. We also provide a variety of topics on our Teachings page. Be sure to check that out.

Radio Broadcasts:

Don't forget to join us for our radio broadcasts at at 8:15 PM (PST) every Sunday Night (15 minute program). Join many others who have been faithfully tuning in. This month's topic is a continued discussion on our immune system and how our thoughts and spirt can heal it or compromise it. I will be introducing Caspar McCloud as our special guest in February, so be sure to tune in as we will be discussing our book, What Was I Thinking.

We are also adding a NEW station beginning Feb. 6th, on KFIA at 1:30 PM every Saturday afternoon, reaching Sacramento and outlying areas. You can also listen in via internet if you aren't able to reach this station. This program is 25 minutes!!

INSIGHT by Linda
Who has the post Christmas blues?? Well, then this is for you.

A moment of truth... after all, that's what makes us free
One morning (early I might add) I read 1 Corinthians chapter 3. And something was revealed to me. Again, I tell on myself so that it helps others... because what I read described me, to a degree. As I processed what I read, I came up with some questions that may help you as it helped me get back on track: Is anyone envious? Includes Jealousy, comparisons, competition, etc. Does anyone have anger or needing justification, doubting and having unbelief towards the Lord (faith issues) or have fear? Is anyone prejudice, judgmental, controlling? Do you know what the Bible calls these things? Carnal! It says that envy, strife, and divisions are of a carnal mind which encompasses these things and more. Well, did I get a big Ouch this morning! See, I know no one sets their day out to act these ways, but sometimes we start heading down that pathway without even knowing it. We begin complaining about things, talking about what someone else is doing, comparing our lives with others, trying to keep up with the Jones', living in stress and anxiety and worry, etc. So, I addressed these this morning as His mercies (and restoration) are new every morning.

See, I didn't even see these things that were slowly creeping upon me. But praise God, He let me see them now, and they have to go! It starts in our thinking. What were we entertaining in our thoughts that opened the door for these things to come in? Perhaps someone hurt your feelings? Perhaps a painful memory that came up? Perhaps a situation that has been hard going through? Or simply a temptation from the enemy. All kinds of reasons. The Bible tells us to take every thought captive (in every situation). It is a daily effort for a believer, otherwise, we could find ourselves going down the wrong pathway. That is why I said, "this describes me to a degree" because it was just enough to start me going in a wrong direction. But we can choose a course correction today. Today is a new day! Today we can do something about it like I did. So if anyone has these things going on too, don't get mad at yourself, use that anger (righteous anger) towards the enemy. And repent for what you see that does not line up with God's Nature and Character and cast it out. Be restored today. Don't feel ashamed, under guilt, or be condemned, but be renewed by the washing of the water of the Word! It's for every believer to begin today afresh! With no mistakes in it.... yet! LOL

For daily insights, you can pick up your copy of Linda's daily devotional called, "Aha Moments." Contact us at

Tom's Tidbits

Tom and I were talking about a recent day we had, where I told him that I was in such peace, that my mind was even quiet. Nothing was even "in" there. That I did a lot that day, enjoyed seeing my kids on Skype, wrote back on a few emails, read a book, read the Bible, made a wonderful lintel soup, blue berry muffins, croched a scarf and hat, and talked with old friends. As I pondered on those things, in everything I did, I was in the moment. I was living in the present, not in the past or in the future. So then I said this: "When you have something in your thoughts, it's either about the past or the future, if your mind is clear you are living in the present." When I said that to Tom, he said, "You got it!"

Book Offer

What Was I Thinking? is our latest project. Re-released in Dec. 2015, written by Linda Lange and Caspar McCloud, is full of great insights and resources to help you gain your life back -- emotionally, spiritually, and physically. When we can get our thoughts working for us, that is half the battle. Many are using it for their group Bible studies. It's available on and websites. We also have it in an eBook version as well!!

Please visit our website at for more exciting things such as Linda'a blogs, upcoming conferences, sign up for conferences, books, free downloadable teachings, and more! And if you have any prayer needs, please let us know, we want to join with you in seeing God's blessings pour out into your life.


Attend "In His Image" conference April 6-7th at the Best Western Plus in Roseville. I will be a guest speaker at Kathy Watson's 17th Annaul Conference. See attached flyer for details.

It's not too early to make plans to attend our 3rd Annual conference scheduled for October 21-22nd El Dorado Hills, CA. You can check it out on our website at and put it on your calendar today!

We are still in the process of calendaring events, so check out our website for more information.

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