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13 Year Anniversary!

It's been 13 years as of June (which I forgot to mention in my June newsletter) that Life Application Ministries was founded. The years have been very good to us as we have ministering to people across the globe and continue doing so.

I'm not one for receiving "words of prophecy" over my life but I had around 4 or 5 of them the past few months saying the same thing, so I had to listen. That there is a "new" beginning for my life and ministry. Well, it is confirmed based on what God is doing in my heart and life. Not only have I been healed (as shared in the next article) but I also had an increase of faith and determination and will to follow Him with more zeal than every before. Things on this planet don't hold a candle to what is going on in Heaven right now, preparing us to be received into Glory.

I was reflecting on this the other day and I heard the Lord say, "Now you are ready." I wasn't sure what He meant by now. I said what have I been doing for the past thirteen years? He said, "I was preparing you for now. Those years you invested into study, into prayer, into other people's lives was only a process of your journey that brought you here." So as I looked back on the years, I had changed so very much every single day, but as I was changing and growing I would share my experiences with you through teachings, and this website. You have been a part of my growing and changing, and now God believes I am ready to "begin" my ministry! So when all these words of something "new" happening was spoken over me, through a number of modalities, that's exactly what is happening.

I feel like I'm a baby again, taking baby steps into the unknown. It's truly invigorating! I will keep you posted of my travels and pray that you also see a newness in your own heart and life as the Lord leads you into all truth by His Glory and Love.

On June 27, 2008, we just completed our FIRST meeting from the standpoint of starting something new, and it was! So many awesome things happened at the meeting that I never said before or did before. The Holy Ghost truly led the meeting. My friend told me that the last time I taught compared to this time were two different people! She said that I had such a peace, I was secure in my speech, and spoke with authority yet with love and compassion. I take her words to heart because she is blind and can only "see" with her spirit! I trust her judgment and listen to her council. This "new" beginning is actually being seen, there is fruit coming from my life. But I didn't do anything but "receive" God's love and forgiveness. He grew me up in Him and now has given me "more" than I had before. He told me that He can trust me with more now. And that it's "time."

You can view the notes I had prepared for the meeting, however, not even half were spoken, but I thought by having them available ou can do your own study. The teaching was on the Kingdom of God with Power..

I've been Healed!

This is nothing short of a miracle! But I had lived with this condition for so long and haven't been healed that I just decided this was my lot in life. But I still desired healing because of bouts of vertigo, lightheadedness and just feeling off balance for over 33 years! I had been in and out of doctor's offices, and there was nothing they could do but give me medication, and of course, I wouldn't take any. I even had people with healing ministries pray for me, even cast out spirits of infirmity and other spirits, and dealt with every spiritual root I knew of, yet, to no avail. I had to conclude that this was my thorn.

Then when I received my healing, the Lord reminded me of a head trauma I got when I was 14-years-old and my inner ear was damaged. As I thought on that, I realized that was also the time I began having dizziness and fear. I have been set free from fear, but I still had the dizziness. As a matter of fact, I actually blamed the dizziness on food! But until now, I didn't know that the injury and my dizziness was even connected. Even with all this in my body, I still continued in ministry in spite of it because God gave me the strength I needed to minister to others and have seen hundreds healed and restored.

I desired healing in the area of dizziness but that was the manifestation of the inner ear damage - which I didn't even realize. So I got a double portion, no more dizziness and hearing restored!!

Three significant things happened that led to my healing:

1) After the third night of watching this revival, I received something that just landed in my spirit. An increase of faith. I began believing things were possible that I never thought possible before. Now, remember, I've been in ministry, teaching healing, seeing lives changed by dealing with heart issues, etc., but this night I was given an increase of faith. I believe it's called the "gift of faith" which is actually one of the gifts given by the Holy Spirit. I just sat and cried out rejoicing in this new found faith!! I began praying for anyone and everything for healing and restoration, even my cat!

2) Then about the second week I received impartation to be able to give what I'm receiving to others. I then planned the June 27th healing revival meeting to follow through with what God has given me to touch lives in our community and bring them into the fullness of what God has for them. Not only for their healing, but for them to receive to take back so they can go out and touch lives too. We don't get impartation's for ourselves, we receive it so we can give it away. Freely we receive, freely we give.

3) Then on June 17th, the day before the Lord told me something was going to take place in my life that is going to be the beginning of great and mighty things in my ministry (this was a prophecy the Lord told me personally - date and all), I received my healing!

I was enjoying the praise and healing testimonies being shared on that evening's service, so much so I called my mom to pray for her health. I was so encouraged and faith was increased that I just needed to pour out into someone's life, and that was my mom. Then after that, I just enjoyed the presence of God that filled my home. As a matter of fact, this thick cloud of God's presence has not stopped since even before I began watching the revival, it's just that it intensified these past days.

My husband came into the living room and sat with me to watch the tail end. After it was over, I turned the TV off and we sat there in silence. Let me step back a minute and say that I had also planned to go to Florida but decided to cancel my trip due to conflicting schedules. I was really trying to find a way to go because I wanted to experience the anointing first hand, I wanted to attend some of the sessions being provided during the day, and I wanted healing. So as I sat there thinking this through, two scriptures came to mind and I began sharing them with my husband.

The first one was about the centurion that went to Jesus and asked him to heal his servant. Jesus said, I'll come to your home. The centurion said, you don't have to come to my home, because I am a man of authority and I speak and my words are obeyed. So if you speak the word only, then I know my servant will be healed. Jesus said He has never seen such great faith anywhere! Ad of course, you know that the servant was healed that same hour. I began feeling that this was the faith I was given earlier that week, to believe like this centurion, that I didn't have to go across the country to get what I could in my own home because it's the Lord that is healing, not a man.

Then I began sharing another story with my husband about the prophet who prayed for rain. He was on his face praying and would send his servant out to see if there were any clouds in the sky. The servant came back saying there was no clouds in the sky. Then he would send the servant back out again, yet never stopped praying nor lifting his head off the ground. The servant would come back and say there were no clouds. The prophet sent him out seven times! On the seventh time the servant said that there was a cloud the size of a man's hand. Well, that was enough for the prophet to begin praising God for bringing the rain! And of course, it did, breaking a drought of several years.

Through these two stories I was ministering to myself and realized that I didn't need to go to Florida, that I could receive what I needed right there, and that to keep praying no matter what - I have been praying for healing in my head for several years. Then all of a sudden something began happening in my right ear. My husband sat and watched in amazement as I described what was going on. (By the way, my husband reminded me that Todd spoke a word of knowledge that someone was going to be healed of right inner ear damage. I realized that was me.) As I sat there, I heard crunching sounds going on in my right ear, like someone eating potato chips. Then I heard a constant swish, swish, swish sound. My ear began crackling and it opened! I starting hearing in stereo. And the amazing thing was, is that I didn't even know I had a hearing problem!!!! Then I realized something else happened, I was feeling "centered." I wasn't feeling "off" or lightheaded when I would move my head or get up quickly. Todd would say when you believed you were healed, go and do something you couldn't do before. These are the things I did:

1) Turned on the TV again and didn't need to turn the volume to high like I had to. I would even have the movie theater workers turn up the volume because I couldn't hear clearly, everything was muffled - so I can't wait to go to the movies again! Then as I drove in my car, I had to re balance the speakers because now I could hear out of both ears. I didn't realize I had this problem because i had it so long and adapted my life to it, not realizing I had a problem. I was in church the first time after this healing and I heard the music clearer and crisper and even heard myself singing, it was a whole different experience!!

2) I then tested to see if I was really free from the dizziness. I couldn't do so many things without walking real slow or turning real slow. Like laying down flat on my back on the floor. I couldn't do that without feeling lightheaded. I sat in my rocking chair and rocked, because I couldn't do that before either. Anything that moved, I would have problems with lightheadedness. I would do it, but I would experience dizziness or lightheadedness. I couldn't even turn my head to the left or the right without moving very very slowly, so that of course hindered me from exercising or even looking both ways when driving! So many areas of my life were hindered from this problem and I am looking forward to trying things I couldn't do before!!

I am so thrilled and excited about all the new things and new experiences I'm going to have because of this. It's been several days now, and I'm STILL healed. It was truly GOD! He healed me. I believed, I received, and then I began praising Him, and now sharing with you to help increase your faith to help bring you your healing and breakthrough. As I looked at the process of this healing, here is what I discovered:

1) Worshipped Him. Joined the countless thousands at the revival an all over the world in corporate worship.

2) I heard the Word. The gospel was preached and it stirred up my faith. Testimonies were read and it increased my faith. I was so excited about the Word that I went out and began "doing" the word by praying for the sick. Recently I prayed for a man with no legs, for them to grow back, and for another with a broken back and has been in a wheel chair for 25 years. It's' not my job to heal, it's my job to obey and not fear what anyone will think, but go and 'do' all that God has commanded... and one is to go to the sick.

3) Then as I believed the Word and chose to receive it. I began saying, I want the glory of the Lord to rise upon me. I desire you Lord, I want more of you, fill me, I receive it all. I open my heart to receive all you have. I began thanking God for His glory, for His power, and for healing.

4) Then I got quiet. After all the worship, teaching, believing and praising, which is my part... I got quiet. And I sat basking in God's glory cloud that was thick over me.. Then that's when the healing started. Not when I was doing a bunch of stuff, but when I finally got quiet and let God be God.

Isaiah 58:6-8

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?

Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?

Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the LORD shall be thy reward.

Perhaps a condition was met for my healing, I am not certain, but from this scripture when we help others, we are also sowing health into our own lives!

Revival in Florida if you want to see what sparked in me my increased faith, deliverance and health!

I had written last month about "breaking the barrier" and this story is one of the fruits of coming up higher in believing God more! This was the last sentence I wrote in that story, and it was prophetic!

"Not only did I get free that morning from nagging things, but I also opened up for the unexpected things of God."

Jeremiah 5:25... "we prevent good things from happening to us..." So there is something we must do to receive healing... we must believe that He is, and receive all He is, then bask in His presence and open our heart for all He is to come in. "Lift up your heads all ye gates and be ye lifted up the everlasting doors and the King of Glory shall come in. Who is this king of Glory, the Lord strong and mighty." So lift up your heads, and look toward the hills from where your help comes!! Don't EVER give up! It took me years for healing, but it came because I chose to keep on keeping on even in the dark times.

Toms' Tidbits:

There are only two people in the world, good and evil. Good people do things for your edification, evil people do things for their edification.

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