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Be sure to visit the blogs. They have really blessed many and helped them deal with the daily things we face by applying the Word of God. I update it about every day, so just go to Linda's Blogs and the current one for the day will display. You can also go back and read the older ones as well. But these are "hot off the press" things that I'm going through at the moment. I believe they will be of help to someone needing a little encouraging every day. Some of the blogs are teachings, some are revelations, some are insights, but I believe they are all life changing, because they have changed my life.

Here is a sample one that got a lot of hits becuase this person was healed from a dis-ease after reading my book called "A Matter of the Mind." I hope you are blessed by it.

A Piece of Advice - The Modern Day Sling Shot
By Justine Gambaro

I have been a Christian for 20 years and a minister for 11 of those years, yet I am still in awe at what the Holy Spirit reveals in the Word of God when we allow Him to lead us.

Let me tell you what TRUTH was revealed to me!  This is lengthy but I pray it was worth the read.

I grabbed my Bible and went to sit in my favorite chair and said, “Father, what do you want to share with me, of course the first thing I did like many of you probably have done at one time, was scan through everything I already underlined or highlighted thinking maybe something would pop off the page and I would have a moment where I could hear the angelic choir sing and the REVELATION of what He wanted to share would just leap up at me.  Not so, this was far from what happened.
My roommate was already reading her Bible and the Lord said to me, “Justine, read what she is reading.”  So I asked her, “What are you reading right now?”  She said, “1 Samuel 25” I was blown away at what I read since I have already read this chapter every year for the last 10 years.

Perhaps many of you have already heard the story of David and Goliath, how David knocked out Goliath with his sling shot then cut off the head of Goliath with his own sword.  If you have not read that story you can find it in 1 Samuel 17.
Did you know that someone else used a Sling in the Bible?  Did you know that receiving one piece of Advice can keep you from a HUGE mistake?  Did you know that when you Repent you just might be saving hundreds of lives and your own?  Did you know when you are Unloving that it can come back on your head even unto death?

I don’t know about you but I know there are times that I just don’t want to show love or keep the peace anymore with someone who is just flat out harsh and evil.  I know the Word says, “To bless your enemies.”  But, “When is enough, enough?”  Well, in 1Samuel 25 the Lord shows us the answer to this in the life of King David.”

There was a rich man named Nabal who was married to Abigail.  Nabal was known as a very harsh and evil man, a scoundrel that no one could speak with.  His wife Abigail was known as a “Woman of good understanding (wisdom)” Some of you might feel like Abigail living or working with someone who is harsh or evil.  There is hope for you as was for Abigail as I will bring this point to you in closing of this newsletter today.
Some of you may even identify with Nabal but just don’t know how to get free, if this is YOU I recommend Linda Lange’s book “A Matter of the Mind from Fear to Faith.”  You can find this on her web site

FEAR was what made Nabal harsh and evil and if it is not taking care of, that wickedness (SIN) can come back on your own head even onto DEATH!  Read it for yourself.  1 Samuel 25: 37-39

Nabal was shearing his sheep in the wilderness and David heard of this and sent a word of blessing.  “Peace be to you, peace to your house, and peace to all that you have?  (I am sure like me, God has tried to send a word of peace your way, but you just wouldn’t receive the blessing.)

This happened after King David did not harm the shepherds of Nabal who were lost in Carmel.  Nabal response was not of love or peace, a matter of fact this was his response, “Who is David..?”  I bet you have heard someone say to you, “Who do you think you are?” 

I could just picture King David thinking in his head like we would when we get a little peeved, “I have killed a lion, a bear, even a giant, I will show him who I am.”  Like King David we want to avenge ourselves.  This is not the will of God; it is actually SIN when we try to take the Lord’s place as our advocate.  Praise the Lord, God does not forget what we have done for Him in the past and always returns what we sow.  What did David sow you ask?  He sowed a word of blessing to Nabal and sowed a Sling Shot in defense to God’s people with Goliath.  See the peace He sowed was not to avenge him nor was the Sling Shot used to protect himself.  It was all done for others!

So how does this explain the title of this Newsletter “A Piece of Advice a Modern Day Sling Shot?”  Here is where TRUTH unfolds.

The KEY to all of this is:Abigail Recognized the sins of her house; she took Responsibility, she Repented and she Received peace back in her home.King David kept himself from taking on the sin of Nabal and having a harsh and evil heart.Nabal “For the wages of sin is DEATH!”  Of course all he had to do was repent.

What did Abigail say? “Please forgive the trespass of your maidservant. For the Lord will certainly make for my lord an enduring house, because my lord fights the battles of the Lord, and evil is not found in you throughout your day.  Yet a man has risen to pursue you and seek your life, but the life of my lord shall be bound in the bundle of the living with the Lord your God; and the lives of your enemies He (God) shall SLING out as from the POCKET of a SLING……”

God remembers everything we do for His name sake, even the things we think He may have forgotten from long ago.  I believe Abigail knew exactly who King David was and God chose to reveal a promise to King David through Abigail by using the terminology He (God) shall SLING out as from the POCKET of a SLING……” 

Have you ever had someone say something in a casual conversation and you responded with, “Why did you just say that?”  Knowing full and well God just spoke to you through that person.  I think God did that in the conversation Abigail had with King David, which caused King David to remember who he was in God, and who God was to Him.  King David received wisdom that day and God defended him, like King David defended God with Goliath. 

So if you are facing a Goliath or a Nabal  today, but you just don’t think you are hearing from God, I would say pay more attention to the advice around you it might just be God reminding you that you already sowed an Absolute Victory.  (Whatever you sow God will one day use on your behalf. That is So COOL considering David was a young lad when he sowed the sling shot?

What happened to Nabal? I Samuel 26:37 " So it was, in the morning when the wine had gone from Nabal, and his wife had told him these things, that his heart died within him, and he became like a stone. Then it happened, after about ten days, that the LORD STRUCK Nabal and he died.  Vs39….For the LORD has returned wickedness of Nabal on HIS OWN HEAD!”

I pray today you receive the Word shared today as a warning, a help, an encouragement that God is your advocate, your peace, and will protect you from other people's wickedness. However, if you are the one doing wickedly, take the time now to repent, because one day it could catch up with you like it did Nabal. Who is wicked? Anyone who does not trust or believe all that God has said. The Bible says that a wicked person has doubt and unbelief! So stop now and simply recognize if this is you, take responsibility for your life, repent, and receive forgiveness. You will be completely restored this very minute, and you won't reap disaster, but you will reap peace.

Tom's Tidbits

"Even if the church has a pulse, it could still be in a coma." We all need to take a good look at our lives to be sure we are attending a church that is alive, filled with promise, living by God's standards and Word, not just go to one because gramma went to that one, or you go to do your "duty." Ask the Lord to help you. If your church isn't alive and well, perhaps you need to find another one OR perhaps you could be just the person to help make a change. Simply talk with the Lord about it, He will direct your steps. You don't want to miss out on what God has for you, and we can if we aren't where we are supposed to be.

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