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August 7th - 9th - Ladies 3-day conference in Mt. Aukum, CA. Sign up early! Free!

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Sick Children

If you have children that are chronically sick, then this article is for you.

Recently, the Lord had me learn something that I think may benefit you. I realized that children are sick because their immune system has been compromised. Of course, I've always known this, and perhaps you have too, that when we get sick we need to boost our immune system. But what I realized is that, these children are sick because they aren't "experiencing" the love they need to help boost their immune system. See, in proverbs it says, "A merry heart does good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones." Our immune system is compromised when we don't have a merry heart, and if we are broken in a relationship somewhere, or don't feel loved and accepted.

Many of us believe we are loving our children, but the evidence of sickness is still there, indicating something is not being met in that child. These are warning signs as parents to begin digging deeper in this area, to help your children be fulfilled in areas needing to be filled.

Recently I met with a teenager who had been sick for 6 months. I asked her what was going on in her life when she began getting sick. She told me that they had a foster teen move in, and that's when she began getting sick. As we talked, she realized that she needed to forgive him. She did, finally, after learning how forgiveness will help boost the immune system, and I believe she is well on her way to being healed. However, that was only part of it. She has taken on so much adult responsibility at home, and it never should be that way. She needed to talk with her mother about these things, and forgive her mother and even forgive herself. Her relationships with those in her life were not good, she had to have them ALL restored! She is well on her way doing that, and I believe we will soon see a recovery in her health. Since this just happend the other day, it takes time for the body to heal. But she has given her body the "tools" to do its job! Forgiveness and restoration in her heart. Remember, it's what's going on in our hearts that makes the body sick!

As far as smaller children who don't really understand about forgiveness, we need to love them, the way THEY need to be loved, not the way YOU think they need to be loved. That's the ticket! You can say, "But I do love my child." But if I was to ask them, they may say they don't "feel" it. I want to share some indicators that your child is NOT receiving love:

1) Chronic colds, etc
2) Irritating
3) Needing attention, and acts up to get it
4) Picking on other siblings

This child has deep roots of anger, and will become a 'bully" in life. You dont' want that, I'm sure of it. So, if these are things you find in your child, then you need to ask God how to love your child the way they need to be loved. It doesn't have much to do with discipline, because the more you punish, and if they don't feel loved, the more you are making them sick! We have to find a mutual place where you can discipline, yet have them receive your love during it! Frankly, I don't have the answer to that, but God does, and it's different for each child. So ask God, go to Him and ask Him how to love your child the way they need to be loved. We need to "do" the Word! The Bible says, ask and you shall receive! And I believe you will receive the answers for your specific situation and specific child. Again, they are all different, and have different needs.

Tom's Tidbits

The other day I did something that wasn't very nice. Yes, I still do things that I regret doing, I'm still growing and changing every day. The difference is, I know how to confess my sin, accept forgiveness, and be restored again to God and the person I may have offended. So, that's what happened. And in this case, it was with my husband Tom. I wasn't very nice to his family, I had a bad attitude, and Tom saw it. Later that day, we did reconcile, I asked for forgiveness, and I was able to forgive myself. I even apologized to the family. So then after all that was done, I said, "I'm so sorry for being mean." He took a small object in his hand and handed it to me. It was a mirror. I looked in it, of course all I saw was me. And he flipped to top and it said, "Why Jesus died." I said, "Jesus died because I'm mean sometimes." Tom said, "No, Jesus died so you don't have to be."

Jesus has made a way that when we do make a mistake, we are forgiven for it and he helps us to not make that mistake again. That's the hope we have in Christ, and believe me, we need it every day!

I came up with a jingle: When you Blow it, know it, show it, throw it.

Blow it: Oops... you just did something wrong
Know it: Recognize it
Show it: Confess your sin
Throw it: Receive forgiveness and put it behind you.

Missing the Family

I just had a visit from my son who lives in Alaska. They stayed here for 9 days, and we had 24 hours of fun!! I spent a lot of time with my 2 adopted grandchildren, and one that is biologically mine. She is now 2 years old, and we had a great time. Well, it was time for them to leave. I had no idea how hard it would be. I cried the first day non stop! The second day, just a little, and the 3rd day, not much at all. It was heart wrenching. I was even thinking how I could move there to be with them! But I'm married, and Tom doesn't want to move. I even thought of leaving Tom... not a divorce or anything, but simply living in Alaska for the summer months, and then coming home for winter. I was going through all this in my heart when the Lord finally stopped me in the middle of all this and said, "Tom IS your family." I got quiet and said, "Oh..." What the Lord did right then was put me back in check. My emotions were flying all over the place, and that was one reason I had a bad attitude with his family (article above) because I was still going through this emotional roller coaster. And then He said, "That is Jason's family, not yours." Well, that did set things right. It was hard to hear, but it was true. I had to let my son go, and my new grand daughter, otherwise I wouldn't be of much use. I even wanted to give up my ministry just to be with them! That's not what God intends for me.

I share this with you because there may be some of you that live far away from your loved ones. And even live every day, "wishing" you were closer. But what we are doing is wishing our life away. If by a miracle, God has them move here or we move there, then so be it, but in the meantime, not to put our minds on "wishing" but "living" where we are. I realized that until I got that in perspective, I wouldn't be able to be used of God like I want to be. I wouldn't have been able to write this month's newsletter! Because frankly, yesterday, I didn't want to do anything and didn't feel like working on anything ministry wise. I was wollowing in my myer, I was in self-pity and almost into a deep slump because I miss the kids!! I didn't realize I was heading down the wrong path. But, God got a hold of me, and none too soon either, to put me back on track! God freed me today. Yes, I still miss them, but I also know where they are, I can talk to them on the phone anytime, and I could visit any time too! But this is where God has me. Tom IS my family and Jason's family is His!!

The reason I was able to come back on track is that I saw the warning signs in my heart.

1) The desire to minister was leaving
2) Wanting to move away from Tom
3) Becoming heavy and depressed and sad
4) Moody and angry

I knew these were NOT of God! So I had to go to God and allow Him to reconcile my heart. And that's when He put me back on track, put things in perspective and returned to me my joy! And dear saints, it happens that quickly. The part that takes long is our "recognizing" part. But I've been teaching this stuff so long, I see it almost immediately. Once I began "feeling" these things, I recognized them so God could heal me and restore me again. And that's what He did. Now my joy is back, and looking forward to continuing planning meetings, and scheduling conferences! Yesterday, before this, I would have chucked it all!!! That's what Satan wanted! But not any longer, I overcame!

See you next time!


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