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Be sure to visit the blogs. They have really blessed many and helped them deal with the daily things we face by applying the Word of God. I update it about every day, so just go to Linda's Blogs and the current one for the day will display. You can also go back and read the older ones as well. But these are "hot off the press" things that I'm going through at the moment. I believe they will be of help to someone needing a little encouraging every day. Some of the blogs are teachings, some are revelations, some are insights, but I believe they are all life changing, because they have changed my life.

Here is a sample one that got a lot of hits becuase this person was healed from a dis-ease after reading my book called "A Matter of the Mind." I hope you are blessed by it.

Stop Throwing Banquets

I want to introduce you to someone who has an amazing testimony. She has been added as a board member for LAM, and is passionate about what God is doing in this ministry, knowing how much it helped her and now she wants to help others. But I'll let her tell you in her own words. This next segment is written by Justine Gambaro.

Recently I was healed in a conference that LAM ministries held in LA, which you can read about in the May 13, 2010 Newsletter. If you have not read any of her Newsletters, Blogs or Books before today, I highly recommend you take advantage of the wisdom that pours off the pages; they will encourage and motivate you to go further in your “Freedom Walk.”  I can confidently say, “Reading her materials along side the Word of God will bless many of you as they have changed my life forever.”

I want to encourage all of you who have stood in prayer lines for physical and emotional healing, deliverance, peace, etc that God has been and continues revealing the truth and antidote to your problems.  Sometimes it is right before our eyes and we miss the writing on the wall.  Let me explain what I perceive to be a truth for my own life today as I was praying about what to share with you.  This is just my opinion and I pray it encourages you today.

There was a season of about 3 years that everyday Father had me read the book of Esther.  What an amazing book full of great TRUTHS which I have noted over the years, but I missed one observation before today which to my own life I am taking as a truth.

I am not going to go through Esther’s whole life story but I do want to focus on one area and that is Esther’s banquet(s).  Esther like many of us have gone through identity crisis, loss of family, placed in arenas we didn’t asked to be placed in, undergoing transformation treatments, all in the name of finding favor with The King.  I believe that Esther missed the first time the King granted her favor because of “Fear” of loosing her life. 

How do we find favor? We find favor the moment we asked Jesus to become Lord of our lives.  Why do we keep trying to obtain something we already have?  Because, we really don’t believe that we have been given authority!

“Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”
Luke 10:19

I know what you are thinking, Esther didn’t have this authority given to us by Christ and you are right, but before she ever threw any banquet the King already put out the scepter of authority and granted her any request she was to have (or another way is to declare out of her mouth).  Read it for yourself in Esther 5:2-4.  This is what I observed from Esther today.  It took her two banquets before she came up with the courage to “expose” the enemy in her life; instead she chose to allow the enemy to dine with her and her King.  Boy, I have done this for over 20 years as a minister hoping another Pastor, Guest Speaker or even The KING himself would just call out what was working in my heart and set me free.  I have to be the one to expose out of my mouth what the enemy is really working in me. The only way to help save others is by first exposing the enemy in our own lives.

Listen, many of us sit in church every week wondering why we can’t focus on the Word or enter into worship or even get free when standing on prayer lines.  We are told the enemy can’t be in the presence of the Lord, I have to disagree.  Haman Esther’s enemy dined with her and her King.  The King didn’t take action until Esther in Chapter 7 spoke up: Esther still asks “IF” I have found favor in your sight, O king, and “IF” it pleases the king, let my life be given me at my petition…..” vs. 6 And Esther SAID (this is KEY!) “The adversary and enemy is this wicked Haman!’ It wasn’t until then the enemy became terrified it was also not until Esther spoke up that the following happened.

THEN the king said, “Will he (the enemy) also assault the queen while I am in the house?” See the enemy is bold enough to stand in the presence of your king as long as you don’t expose him.  As the Word left the Kings’ mouth they covered Haman’s face. The King took no action until Esther spoke up.

For years I was terrified to expose all the junk I had hidden inside because of fear that I would not please the King and loose favor with Him.  This is a lie from the pit of HELL.  The TRUTH is if we are willing to be straight forward the first time the Kings asks, we wouldn’t have to keep throwing banquets inviting the enemy hoping God will expose him.  All throughout the Word it talks of us declaring out of our mouths.  I pray you take this journey with me today, and FEAR NOT….you have the authority to expose the enemy and trust that you will be saved and also all those who God is intrusting in your care.

I will not say the journey is easy even Esther still had to overcome some hurdles after defeating Haman, but when it is all said and done, both Esther and her people were FREE!   I pray today you find courage to speak up and be FREE!

If you don’t know where to even start I recommend you get Linda Lange’s book called “A Matter of the Mind from Fear to Faith.”  This is what has started my journey to freedom and walking in “perfect love that cast of fear.”

Don’t be afraid to expose what God already sees… are not ALONE!

Tom's Tidbits

"Even if the church has a pulse, it could still be in a coma." We all need to take a good look at our lives to be sure we are attending a church that is alive, filled with promise, living by God's standards and Word, not just go to one because gramma went to that one, or you go to do your "duty." Ask the Lord to help you. If your church isn't alive and well, perhaps you need to find another one OR perhaps you could be just the person to help make a change. Simply talk with the Lord about it, He will direct your steps. You don't want to miss out on what God has for you, and we can if we aren't where we are supposed to be.


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