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Seminar Updates

March 13-15th - Ladies 3-day conference in Mt. Aukum, CA.

March 26th - One-on-one ministry time with Linda in Los Angeles, CA. Please call 818-505-8610 to schedule your appointment. Space is limited to call today.

March 28th - Pastor Henry Wright, Pleasant Valley Church (Be In Health Ministries) will be in Anaheim, CA - Knotts Berry Farm Resort Hotel - to conduct a one-day seminar. You don't want to miss it! Go to for more information.

April - Fearless Living Sessions. During the month of April, I am going to conduct a 10-week class on Fearless Living. It's going to be held at Westside Church in Placerville, CA. The dates and times have not been worked out yet, so check back for more details. This class is also going to be offered via teleconference starting. April 2nd - Thursday night at 6:00 PM PST. If you would like more information, please email us at

May 2 - 1 Day Seminar - Hilltop Community Church, Vallejo. Open to the public.

June 27th - Meeting in Sacramento. Location to be determined. Check back for more details.

For more information on these seminars, please visit the seminars page.

What we offer - Book Publishing!

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More Than Enough

Our God is a God of "more than enough." I believe that is one of His names... Let me share with you a revelation that changed the way I do things.

One night I was watching a TV program on the Oral Roberts station. A woman was talking about tithing. How that when you give, God adds his "more than enough" part to it, and the result is greater than you could have expected. That the windows will open and blessings will be poured out upon us. It gave me a real excitement to radically give, even with the economy as it is. But that's not what I want to share here.

The following day I began meditating and thinking about this "more than enough." I was driving down the road and saw a bumper sticker that said, "Put Out." I'm sure you may know what that means, however, the Lord used it to show me a truth. He began showing me that whatever we put in to something, we get out - AND... more than enough.... is added to it. When we d our part, he does his part. When we do our natural part, he does his super part, which makes it "SuperNatural." We all want some of that, well, we have to do our part first.

So I was thinking about an area in my life that I would like to see improved. So I asked the Lord why that area seems to be "flat." Don't get me wrong, my life is so full with the Lord, but there are areas we can always improve on otherwise, why are we still here? So as I was talking to Him about it (while walking on my treadmill), He showed me that I had some regret and shame in my heart concering this area of my life. So when I saw what it was, came clean before Him, and then said, "Father I know that what I put into this area of my life is what I'll get out, AND trust you to do the "more than enough" part to make it "super-natural."

Something happened! My heart was changed and Tom even noticed it! The "super" was added! The "more than enough" was added to that situation, and now that "flat" area is alive!

I was taking account of other things in my life. One particular area was in the area of giving. I gave away a very nice full size keyboard. But in its place I was given our family heirloom spinnet piano. If that wasn't "enough" the Holy Ghost proceeded to teach me how to play - without needing to read notes! Now that is my natural attached to God's supernatural!

Another example. My husband got into a motorcycle accident. He did his part by maneuvering the bike so that no one else would get hurt, and the "more than enough" came when He didn't get hurt either. The accident could have killed him, but God's "Super" connected to Tom's natural - and His life was saved with minor enjuries.

It's been exciting opening my eyes to the 'more than enough" that God connects to our actions, thoughts, and obedience to Him.

Malachi talks of tithing, and yes, that is good, but what about other areas of our life? I always say, "We can't outgive God." And this is another way of saying, God always returns to us that which we gave AND some...

If you have struggled in this area of giving. Perhaps a heart check is needed? Perhaps you need to start looking at the "super" part instead of just your natural part. I believe you will begin to "see" things you never saw before. I believe God's blessings will become more apparant to you, and in doing that will increase your faith in Him even more! God is a "more than enough" God! He wants you to overflow in your blessings so that you have to give to others.

Ya know, I don't like when I ask people how they are and they say, "I'm hanging in there." I say, "Well lets get that noose of your neck and put all that under your feet!" A person with this mentality is not seeing the "more than enough." Let's go to God today and confess our heart to Him. If there are any regrets or shame or guilt in your life. Get rid of those things by allowing God to purge you through your confession. And then watch and wait to see the Glory of God shine upon you.

I was talking to my husband and sharing this with him as I was writing it, and I realized at that moment that I have been the one doing the "more than enough" part too!! What I mean is that when I plan an event, and I've done many, I not just plan the event but I make it "GRAND." I add vendors, and games, and picture taking, and guest stars, etc. Instead of doing my part and staying out of drivenness, I also try doing God's part? Now I get it! I'll do what I know in my heart to do... without fear... and then trust God to do His "super" part! How awesome is that!

Story of Paul

I had been reading through the book of Acts this month, and really enjoying all the insights the Holy Ghost has been showing me. Especially concerning the way things are today. This also follows up with the article above, as a God of "more than enough." Because as you know, your lives are falling into hard times, everywhere people are feeling the crunch. But... there is no crunch in heaven! There is no crisis in Heaven! God is still a God of "more than enough." People still give. The money is still out there to be used by God's people. And this story of Paul in the boat really built up my faith! I hope it does you too.

Paul, at this time, was a prisoner. They were shipping the prisoners to another place across the sea. So they all had to get into a boat. Paul warned them that there would be a storm and could cause casualites. But they didn't listen to them, after all, the weather was good at that time and didn't expect any storms. Well of course, they were wrong, and the storm hit, and lasted for 14 days! However, about the 3rd day Paul said, "I told you so" well - that's my intepretation anyway. And then began telling them some good news! That he was visited by the Lord who said, "Fear not Paul, for I am with you and no one ont his boat will be harmed." I suppose God had to tell him that because Paul was falling into fear! He was tempted to fear because of his circumstance - just like us. But God said, "Fear not, for I am with you and will complete in you all that has to be completed." So with that, Paul was confident, that no matter how bad things got, and they got bad, he would believe God. He said, "I am in HIm and He is in me." He had a deep relationship with God in the first place so it was easy to believe God. And sure enough, they had to go 11 more days in a storm, and even got ship wrecked, swimming to safety on pieces of wood... but they all made it! Not only did God save Paul, but he saved ALL those who were in the ship with him. (On a side note, this tells me that our anointing and blessings affect all those IN our home! The story goes that if anyone jumped out of the ship, they woudn't be covered and would die... but for all those who stayed in the ship, they would be saved. And so no one jumped out. We need to believe that all those in our home will also be saved.)

So as you face your circumstances, are you believing God to get you to the otherside of things? Are you having patience and endurance IN your circumstance? Or are you fearing as you go along? Paul started to fear, BUT, the Word of the Lord came to him and said, "Fear not..." So God is telling you as well, Fear Not! For I am with you and will bring you to where you need to be. If God wants you home, he will take you whether or not you are in a trying circumstance. So fear not! Only believe God has promised.

Tom's Tidbits

One day Tom and I were having a discussion about something pertaining to money. We got into a debate about something, and from his point of view, I didn't have any concrete evidence for my argument - and of course he was right. Oh, he did have concrete evidence! So after we went back and forth for about 10 minutes he said, "Why don't you just believe me, and if you can prove me wrong, then we'll go with that." I paused a moment and said, "You are right! I don't know what I'm talking about sometimes, and so will give you the benefit of the doubt from now on."

Boy, this has really been a challenge for me, because I always want to come up with the answers! But, when I don't have the answer, I ask Tom. And whatever he says now, I go with it, since I don't have the answer. What peace has come to me from that, and Tom also added... for me too! We just laughed.

Well, one day I tested it. Something came up and I was trying to figure out the answer, but I remembered our agreement. So I said, "Tom what do you think?" He told me and I said, okay, I'll go with that. Here's an example: We went shopping on a Sunday at a nearby town. There was limited parking but right next to where we were going was a bank parking lot. He drove into it to park and I said, "We can't park here, we could get towed away." So Tom began to pull out of the parking lot, then he stopped. I saw him thinking, then I said, "Wait, you do what you think we should do." So he parked. I was set free because this was "his" decision. And we went shopping and I didn't think one bit about where our car was parked. I would normally be fretting about it, and thinking I had to go check on the car, etc., But he knew it was a Sunday and that the bank was closed and determined it was safe to park there. Well, he was right. The car was still there, and we not only had a good time at the store, we still had our car!



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