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March 2015 Insights, News and Updates

Insights From Linda

I had some errands to run one day, but it was pouring rain so badly I knew the roads would be slick. I began "fearing" driving in the weather but knew I had to take care of this business, So I said this: "Lord I will not fear this weather, it's only water and you will not take me from this world until I've completed the work you have sent me to do."

With that I took to the road. The drive was amazing. I was in complete peace because I wasn't "fearing" getting into an accident or running off the road. My faith was believing God has plans for me and won't take me until His work with me is done.

This quote came to me, "When you are afraid of dying, you will be afraid to live."

See, I was actually fearing dying!! Think about it. What have you NOT done because you were afraid? How about flying? How about driving on the freeway? How about traveling out of the country? How about starting a new business? So now, today, decide to do something you have been afraid to do and watch your life change, grow and be blessed. By living this way, you are saying to God, "I Trust You with my WHOLE heart and I will not be afraid."

I love the lyrics in this song: "Live like you are not afraid." I think that is good advice.

1 Corinthians 15:55,57 O death, where is they sting? O grave, where is thy victory? But thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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12 Week Teleconference Series

We are offering a 12-week session called, "Discovering the Truth that Makes you free." It will begin May 13th - July 29th. This is the 3rd series we have provided and have seen many lives changed because of it. The focus is to equip you with some truths that will help you and also help others in dealing with health issues, emotional issues, relationship issues, and more.

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All you need is a phone, and you will be joined in with others all over the world as we embark together in learning how to receive more of the blessings of God.

A week or two prior, you will receive the details on how to access the conference.

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