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Be sure to visit the blogs. They have really blessed many and helped them deal with the daily things we face by applying the Word of God. I update it about every day, so just go to Linda's Blogs and the current one for the day will display. You can also go back and read the older ones as well. But these are "hot off the press" things that I'm going through at the moment. I believe they will be of help to someone needing a little encouraging every day. Some of the blogs are teachings, some are revelations, some are insights, but I believe they are all life changing, because they have changed my life.

Here is a sample one that got a lot of hits becuase this person was healed from a dis-ease after reading my book called "A Matter of the Mind." I hope you are blessed by it.

May 13 – Healing Testimonial
By lindalange
Recently I did a conference in LA, and a woman that came was healed and has now begun ministering to others. No one laid hands on her or prayed for her healing, what we did pray is God’s power to live in her, and released her from being stuck in a trauma in her life when she was a child. She went through a Holy Ghost transformation and now is getting others set free.

I say this to encourage you that God is faithful. We just have to be honest with Him. This particular woman was so honest with me. She basically said that the meeting we were doing wasn’t working and was totally disappointed in the whole thing. Then I had her sit down and I began having her repent for blaming and accusing God of not meeting her needs that night. She said she prayed, but didn’t really mean it, just to get me satisified. But little did she know at the time, that was a huge step in the right direction. Because when we are honest – when she confessed her disappointment – that’s when God meets us. Even if that honesty is ugly…

The next 2 nights of the conference, I saw her, but the last night was when things happened for her that manifested outwardly. She had been bleeding daily for almost 30 years.. not just a little, sometimes so much that she couldn’t go outside. Doctors couldn’t help her. It reminds me of the woman in the Bible that had an “issue of blood for years” and all she did was touch the hem of Jesus’ garment and she was healed. That is what happened to this woman. She came face to face in her heart with truth, with the Lord, and He healed her. No more bleeding!

Many noticed a difference in her right away, and when they would ask, she said, “I have a Daddy and He loves me.” Of course she’s talking about our Heavenly Father. Not having had a loving father on this earth, she met her REAL Father that weekened, and it changed her life. Then she continued by saying, “You have to read this book, A Matter of the Mind – Journey from fear to faith.” And she has taken it upon herself to sell them! This is my autobiography. She said that book was the key in her healing and health and now she has seen several people who she sold the book to find release too.

See, before the conference, I mean 2 years before, I had visited this church. She picked up the book then, but never read it. It sat in a closet buried in a box, until one day, just during the time I was there, she decided to read it. She couldn’t put it down, and it hit her square between the eyes! She even told me that when she first bought it and read the first 2 pages she just wanted to throw it across the room. And she laughs now because she says, “I wanted to throw it across the room, now I’m selling it!” Things in that book hit areas of her life she didn’t want to see, but if you know anything about healing, we need to “see” some things before we can be healed.

She is so supportive of this ministry – Life Application Ministries – and all it stands for that she is supporting it any way she can, and she’s doing it by telling people about her healing, and about the book. Others who over hear her conversation, join in and they too pick up the book. So far in one month she has sold 30 books just by her sharing her life and how it impacted her forever. Several are now sharing what is happening to them, many are finding freedom from their issues even now I have several emails of these types of testimonials.

If you want to get on board with this and find some healing and peace in your life, you may want to pick up the book, “A Matter of the Mind.” You can email me at using the comment space below, or go to my website at: and go to the DVD and BOOKS page. For under $20.00 your life can change forever!! What an investment.

If you like these blogs, you will like the book. It’s as though I am sitting in your living room talking with you. It’s about my story, yes, but is filled with practical applications on how God delivered me so that you can apply the same truth. I cannot promise you things will turn out like it did for me, or for these others the same way, but SOMETHING will happen!

The bottom line is this, that we learn to live in a state of PEACE and JOY, not FEAR and TORMENT. And if you are in fear and torment, it’s also likely you are not very happy, healthy, and probably depressed, confused, and isolated. I encourage you to pick up this book. And I look forward to hearing your testimonial too.

Tom's Tidbits

"The only time you don't like talking about God is when you are being bad." He says it so bluntly, so let me say it this way. I was talking to someone about what the Word says about their particular situation. This person's response was that I was getting "preachy." I almost apologized and then realized I didn't need to apologize. I was living my life, and talking what I knew from my heart. The only reason they felt is was preachy was because it caused them to feel guilty that they weren't where they should be in their walk with the Lord. I knew this to be true because this particular person has told me in the past they don't go to church any more and she really wants to. That she doesn't "do" anything for the Lord. But I understood her situation, and then added to my conversation. "You need to forgive me if I offended you in any way." She did of course, and we were able to carry on with our conversation.


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