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Our New President

I wanted to wait until after the election to put together the November newsletter. It is a monumental time, it's been many years since a Democrat was President! And I'm personally filled with anticipation and wonder. Perhaps you thought I was going to say something about a black president? That doesn't matter, America voted and majority wins. This is a great opportunity to pray for our President Elect for wisdom, understanding, insight, truth, and make decisions based on faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope that we don't make this a divided presidency, because we are ALL Americans... not white, black, yellow or red. We are ALL Americans. I don't know what is ahead for us, but I will support our President because that is who God put into office. Yes, God puts people into office and so for that reason I will support and respect our President. I hope you do the same. Putting away all differences of opinion and coming together as a nation. We need that now, in these times. I believe God is getting ready to do some monumental things of His own, and we need to be ready. I will pray that the President Elect has our Heavenly Father's ear and I will pray that He seek council from Him daily. I urge you to pray along these lines too. For more information about praying for the President elect, you can access They are working at praying for the next 77 days before the Inauguration.

OK, now the following is my personal opinion and insight from what I have seen and heard and experienced during the past couple of months. I am exercising freedom of speech, since we still have that, and so as you read through the following, I'm only stating my opinion.

First of all, I did not support Obama, but now that he has been chosen, I will support the office of Presidency. Before this election, I had known in my heart that if McCain was elected president, we were given more time and mercy, but if Obama was elected, we would be facing the end time and tribulation quicker. I say that because I have heard people refer to him as a "messiah." Someone who is going to come in and solve all our problems. Doesn't that describe the anti-Christ? I even knew Christians personally who also believes he will do good for America. The Bible says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. And the knowledge they do know, they reject."

I cannot say if Obama is the anti-christ or not, but I do believe he is plowing the way for that to happen. Didn't scriptures say that he will come from the East? Obama's generations are from the east. Didn't it say that people were looking for someone to fix their problems? Everyone who voted for him is thinking that he is the one who can do this.

It reminds me when the Isralites cried for a king. The prophets explained to them that the king would cause hardships. But they didn't care, they wanted a king. So they got one. And he was not a very good king. And that's what's happening today. They are crying out for change, but not really concerned about how that change will come and what that change will be. I believe Hitler said the same thing!

Again, these are only my thoughts. But the fact remains, all this is in the Word of God, and if we read Revelations and other passages carefully, you can actully see God's plan at work. It was bound to happen, why not this generation? After all, many have said that we are in the end times. The end times isn't all cherry and fun, we will have to endure some hard things before the end. But for the elect's sake, the Lord said He would shorten those days. It's time we take these next 3 1/2 years seriously and pray, and get our houses in order, share our faith and help lead as many to Christ as possible. I say three and one-half years because I think this is the beginning of the seven year tribulation. It will start out all cheery and things will be solved, but the end is destruction like never seen on this planet.

Now for those who may be thinking this is a racial stance, it is not. I am looking at the facts. As a matter of fact, he is both white and black, so that is not the issue. It's his agenda and his belief system that I'm looking at. I think we all need to take a close look at that and then decide how to pray and intercede for him, our country, our families, and our homes.

There is good news. I'm excited to be living in this time because we may get to see the Lord come in the clouds to call us home! That is our goal isn't it? Then rejoice with me. Because even though things may not look so good or feel so good, we will have the strength, patience, and endourance of the Lord to see this through. It's not a time to fear, it's a time to trust God and believe that all things work together for good to those who love God and called according to His purpose.

"IF" and "Then"

"IF" is such a big word and sometimes followed by "then." If and then makes this world go 'round. I felt it important to focus on this word for a moment as I share from the passage, (2 Chronicles 7:14) "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." I did talk about this in last month's article, but I have some things to add as I meditated more on this passage. It is critical for us to understand as much as we can about this because I believe it is also the answer we need for America!

The word “IF” in this passage is an action word. It’s a place of decision. It’s a place where we have to decide what we are going to do. “IF” exercises our faith. Remember, faith without works is dead (James 2:20). We can have faith, we can have tons of faith, but if we don’t act upon that faith, our faith is shipwrecked and of no value to you or anyone (1 Timothy 1:19). Faith is believing something that is not there – yet. So living by faith means we believe in something and live as though it were true! Let me say that again. Faith is believing something and live as though it were true. I’m not a “name it claim it” minister, I don’t think that is quite accurate. But I do know that if faith without works is dead, then faith with works is alive. Because when we "believe" something we "live" it. And that "live" part becomes our works. We aren't out "trying" to do a bunch of stuff, we are "doing" what we "believe." That my friend is faith at work.

Now the next question is, when do we know when to "do?" And when do we know when not to "do?" We can actually know this. I think many of you have prayed something like this from time to time: "God, just show me what to do and I'll do it." Well, the truth is, He has, we just don't want to do it or think it's someone else's job to do it. Let me share a few examples.

Let’s take prayer. When someone comes to us with problems, we say, “Just pray," you may even pray with them. But then you go away leaving them sitting there hoping something to change, something to happen, perhaps someone call and make a profound statement. Yes, that can happen, as a matter of fact they called you, and you may have what they need. You may be the vessel to bring about their blessing. How do you know? If it's within your power to give or to do, then we are to. But we don't see things like that because we are wrapped up in our own issues and problems. But the truth is, God uses people to do His work on this planet. He uses us to be a blessing to others. Look at Abraham. He blessed Abraham so that He would in turn be a blessing to others. See God uses people to bring about the blessings! (Genesis 28:4)

For example. I remember hearing Joyce Meyer tell a story about when she needed a frying pan and dish cloths. She put that out in prayer, and then someone came to the door with frying pans and dishcloths. Whose faith was at work here? Was it Joyce's or the person who brought the towels? I believe it was both! The person had to hear from God and believe they heard from God to bring Joyce those things. Joyce had to believe God was able to provide, and she patiently waited. So where is the "do" here? Joyce prayed. There was nothing more she could do to get those items. God had to place that into someone's heart to provide. See, God uses people to do His work on this planet. But if the people aren't listening, or won't step out because they have fear of man, or don't think God is leading them to do anything, or puts it off because they don't have the time, someone's blessings are being robbed! Not only are the blessings being deferred, but our blessings are being robbed. It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).

Perhaps the person God used that day in Joyce's life woke up one morning and said, "Lord, use me today, show me whom I could bless." I believe God uses people who are ready to serve. We need to be in this type of mind set each and every day. The Bible says to esteem others better than ourselves, and as Jesus went about doing good, so could we. We are "doing" the Word and living by faith.

I’m not saying you are to go “do” a bunch of stuff, remember, there is a fine line and that fine line is seen as frustration. What I’m saying is when you pray for someone, is there any thing you can “do” that you are praying about? Can you change a person? No. Can you cause them to see the truth? No. Can you make decisions for them? No. Can you carry their pains? No. But you can love them. You can show God’s mercy to them. You can share your heart with them and your faith. You can offer yourself to them in service. You can bless them. You can visit the homeless, those in prison, and even the widow. You can “do” those things. And working with your prayer of faith you will begin seeing things happen that never happened before. Because you are in line with the scriptures. You know your part, and you know God’s part. It's when we try to do God's part that frustration comes. So know that as indicator that you are "doing" more than you should be doing. By realizing this, you will remain in peace. And also, you won't take on someone else's stuff... Remember, Jesus already did that.

I heard people say that God doesn’t “need” us. But I beg to differ. He does need us. We are his hands, his feet and his mouth on this planet. He uses people to “do” His will on this earth. So when we know this, and truly get a revelation that we are an extension of his hands, feet and mouth, you can see why we are to “do” some things. You can see why He said to Abraham I will bless you SO THAT YOU CAN BE A BLESSING. Abraham sowed good seed and we have become a fruit of that seed. He blessed all those around him. He gave away much of his own stuff to bless others. God gave him those things SO THAT he could bless others. Deuteronomy 8:18 says that it is God who give us the power to get wealth. So even those who are well off, it came from God. Today our houses are filled with so much junk that we need bigger houses to hold all the stuff? What does the Bible say about that? Are we "doing" the Word? Faith without works is dead. When someone comes to us that has need of an item we have sitting in the garage collecting dust and yet we say "no." Are we doing the Word?

How about the scripture that talks about the person who went to a neighbors house hungry and cold, but the neighbor said, “Go and be blessed and filled” but don’t give him any food or clothing, is this "doing" the Word? Is this faith? See sometimes we don't give to others because we have "fear" we may need it later. It reminds me of the Manna that came down from heaven. The Israelites were given manna from heaven to eat for food. It was given daily, and if anyone collected more for the next day it would rot. So how much of our "stuff" is rotting? Just a thought. But this is what I’m talking about. If it is IN your power to “DO” then we are to do. That is a “doer” of the Word!

James 1:22 says to be a doer of the word, not a hearer only, deceiving your own selves. I believe the Christians have been bewitched and deceived, believing that if they “just pray” everything will be okay. But is everything okay? Not hardly, and things are getting worse.

I asked the Lord Why? If so many Christians are praying and fasting, and seeking you, then why hasn't things changed in the world around us? Is not enough people praying? What is it? And as I was writing this article it came to me. He said because they aren't "doing" the Word by Faith. And he gave me an example. The world's economy problems, whose at fault here? The institutions? The government? No, the people. It was they who signed on the dotted line! You and me. See, this country's financial problems comes from the heart of man. If people didn't want things NOW instead of saving up for things, we wouldn't be in the financial mess. I'm talking to me too! I too have some debt, but from this article and time I spent with the Lord today, I'm making some changes of my own.

Romans 13:8 says "Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law. I'm not pointing this out to cause condemnation, because I too owe a car payment and house payment, etc. And so we may be praying all right, but are we still spending?. Faith without works is dead! We are killing this nation by not "doing" what the Word says. To owe no man nothing. And I believe that is why we are in the financial crisis today. Hey, this is my own opinion, but if this rings true, we need to "do" something about it. This is the "do" I'm talking about, and it will start with me. I'm sure we ALL want to get out of debt, but we continue buying things on credit? I have to repent myself, and will do so right now, and ask God to deliver me from myself.

The "if my people" goes on to talk about us turning from our wicked ways. In last months article I went into detail about this. But one thing I need to add as the Lord showed me this as I was writing this article. Our wicked ways is also being in debt to a lender! We are to owe no many any thing but to love them. Boy two areas that I think we have issues with. These two areas are conditions for the "THEN" part. Are we in debt? Are we loving people? Then God will hear from heaven, and heal our land. Our land is in desperate need of healing. Our "land" is in crisis! We need to take that "if" word seriously and ask God, truly ask God, what your "if" is! Perhaps you aren't in debt, perhaps it's something else. Find out what your "if" is, and then do it!

Now lets go onto the next part of that passage: If we humble ourselves and pray AND seek His face. Let's stop there. I believe that is the key! See many are praying for things, asking God to move on their behalf, yet they don't have a real close deep relationship with Him. Now, I'm not saying that is everyone's case, but more are like this than we know. What does it mean to be humble? Did you know the Bible is its own dictionary? Because right after "...humbles themselves" comes pray and seek God's face. That is what it means to humble ourselves! Pray and seek God's face! What does it mean to seek God's face? That's what you have to find out. Psalm 17:15 says, "For me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness." Hmm... are we living up to this scripture? Are we satisfied in our lives? When you awake do you see His likeness in you? These things are not being said to cause you condemnation, but to wake us up to see the truth. That we need God now more than ever in a way we never knew Him before.

And as the passage goes on "turn from our wicked ways." So basically, the "wicked ways" are listed in that passage, and I expanded on some of it above. So what are the wicked ways? As I shared in the last months' article, it's unbelief, and in this article it's also not being a doer of the Word. See, if we seek God first, we will turn easily from wicked ways because we are living in faith because we believe. As I look out across America, I don't see us doing the "if" to the degree I'm talking about so we are not meeting the conditions for "then God will heal our land" part. But again, this is my point of view. You can agree with me or not. But if you do, then it's time, the perfect time to begin taking life more seriously in this area of "if." There are conditions to our actions and conditions to our "no" actions. It's time we wake up, make some hard choices by faith, and trust God in the outcome. There is no crisis in Heaven, there are no wars in heaven, there is no financial problems in heaven. So by staying heavenly minded and confident in God and God alone, you will prosper! You will see the "then's" in your life!!!!

There is Hope! God is our Hope. Again, He's appointed men to rule over us and knew who they were going to be even before we were all on this planet. There is no mistake or accident, it's all ordained. Now let's take what we have been given as an opportunity to love more! To follow Christ closer. To pray for our leaders and families and cities. This is a great opportunity to stand up and be counted. It's a "Call to Arms" to be the champion you were created to be in God's army

I believe this article was one of the hardest articles I ever written, because it impacts many areas of our lives. So instead of taking on any accusations or condemnation, go to God and confess what you are feeling condemned about, because it may be that what was shared is true! I find in ministry that when anyone takes on offense, accusation or condemnation, it means what is said is not far from the truth, but the person is rejecting that truth! Let's not be afraid or embarrassed to admit where we have gone wrong, like I did, that I have to repent to God for my careless spending and falling into debt to a lender. So then what happens next? Because I recognized and repented, even though I am still in debt, God can begin helping me get out of it!! His mercy is great. He is kind, and He loves me. He desires for me to be successful and have plenty so I can ALSO be a blessing to others. He wants me free so I can freely give. But if I'm bogged down with two jobs, and trying to make payments on things I can't remember where I put it, then how can God use me to be a blessing to others? Now, I used to be in greater debt years ago and spent irresponsibly, and God got me out of those things, so I have grown a lot since my former years, but I needed to be reminded because we can fall back into that state again if we don't continue "doing" the Word.

I believe there is hope for America. It only takes each person to be honest with God with our heart. Humbling ourselves means to be honest with our own heart condition, and confessing anything we see that is not of Him. Yes, your life may still have problems after you do this, but you have just given God permission to work things out on your behalf. When you are in this frame of mind, you WILL see results! "Acknowledge HIm in ALL your ways, and he will direct your paths." We can only acknowledge Him when we can see Him! What is blocking your view? Get rid of those things through confession, this is "doing" the Word in Faith!


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