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New Book Release!!

Just released is my new book called "What Was I thinking?" My friend Caspar McCloud, who lives in Georgia, and I collaborated over a year ago, and wrote this book. It started out with me simply helping him prepare his book for self-publishing, but then the Holy Spirit began having me add my own insights and revelations, so then we decided I would co-author. We didn't think much at the time of publishing, we were just preparing it for self-publish, which I have already done for several of my books already.

As we began putting together the endorsements, Caspar sent a copy of the book transcript to an author friend of his. The next thing we know, his friend sends it off to his publisher, and they called us with a book deal... only 3 days later!! Do you know how many times peole send in books but publishers reject them? I know, I sent in some of mine in the past, and that is what happened.

But I encourage you to take a look at the book, and decide for yourself if you would like to order one. They are only $15.00, very reasonble price for something that can impact your life forever. I have provided a copy of the front and back of the book to review, and provided a partial chapter to read. Simply click here to view. If you like what you see, then go to the books page to order your copy today.

We look forward to walking with you on your journey in learning more of God and how you can get your thoughts lined up more like His to see amazing miraculous things happen in your life.

Move To Our New Office near Placerville

We have moved into an office near Placerville, CA. The address is: 6166 Enterprise Drive #B, Diamond Springs, CA 95619. Our Phone # is 530-622-1647. I also have an office manager who is helping set things up and running the daily office operations, her name is Justine Gambaro. She is also an ordained minister and has already taken on a case load of inquiries and ministering to people. She comes very qualified and has truly been an asset and help to me, for LAM and personally.

We look forward to serving you! Please call us to make a phone ministry appointment or come see us in person.

Traumas by Linda Lange

What is a trauma and have you ever had one? I believe every person on this planet has suffered a trauma in one degree or another. So let's take a moment to understand what a trauma really is. Because it just could be that "thing" that is keeping some of you stuck in your walk as a believer. As you read through this, you will get an opportunity to see if you have had a trauma in your life and what to do to find freedom!

So first off, what is a Trauma?  A trauma is something horrific that has happened to you that caused you grief, pain, and hurt, so deeply that it actually changed your heart toward life. The images and pictures play over and over, and this is what causes the problems today. It seems that when people have traumas, this is when the person’s life shuts down and they are stuck emotionally at that time and place. The trauma has to be identified at the root so healing can occur. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is often labeled on people who had such traumas such as loss of a child, witness of a horrible incident, car accident, unexpected death of a loved one, etc. 

Then there are the daily traumas... Let me share a story. A friend of mine got thrown from his horse and hit his head. It was in a particular spot on the trail. It caused him much pain when he fell. He didn't stop riding... but that is what some would have done... he got back on the horse. So every time he rides past that area, he "thinks" of the time he fell, a fear sets in. This too is a trauma. Anything that changes your life "because" of a pain, fear, or experience. I'm not talking about making better decisions next time because of a "lesson" learned. God doesn't need to use a trauma to do that... He has the Word of God, and it doesn't cause physical pain. But, when you experience something like this, a stubbed toe, a dog chasing you down the street, making a bad choice, getting involved in a bad relationship, and many other life situations, these are daily traumas. Things that can change your life forever.

Many shut down in relationships because they will not allow anyone "in" again. They put up self-protection walls, and pretty soon wonder why they have no friends. They begin to self-sabotage. Some even start cutting themselves. And many fall into deep states of depression.

These are the things I'm talking about. It could have been a car accident and so on... Anything that caused your thoughts to change about anything.

But... there is good news. There is a way to regain and be restored in these areas of your life so that you are no longer a "puppet" to that incident. You won't be making decisions out of fear, or pain, or hurt, or worry. You'll make wise decisions for your life no matter what has happened to you!!! That's freedom friends.

My husband and I had a trauma 1 year ago today. A neighbor boy broke into our home and terrorized the neighbors after stealing a gun from our home! Fear set in, believe me. At the time I was teaching a class at my church called Fearless Living, and it truly helped me get through that trauma without residue. So when I go past that place where the struggle with my husband happened on the road, I don't feel fear any more! God healed my heart, he removed the pain from that "trauma" so now instead of fear, I have compassion toward the boy.

So how do we deal with extreme trauma or daily life traumas? One thing we first need to understand, is that the memory of that event may never be purged, we are chemical beings and our body has a photo-shop built in (photosynthesis) to take snap shots of things in our life. There are those that have not emotions attached, and others that do. If an emotion is attached, then that memory becomes engrained in your life, and can actually be associated with smells or sounds. These aren't wrong, some of our memories are awesome... it's those memories that bring torment that I'm talking about here.

See it's not the trauma that is keeping you stuck, it's the "pain" keeping you stuck associated with that memory. By identifying who was involved, how did it affect you, who do you need to forgive, is key to your recovery. Ask God to help you because some traumas are so awful such as child abuse, death, etc., that we don't even remember or don't want to remember because it hurts too much. But in order to get free at the "root" these things need to be exposed. God will be there, He will guide and help you.  Ask for His wisdom and discernment and strength, and He will give it. And once you FINALLY face it and find healing, it won't come up again with pain!! So the first thing to do is recognize you have had a trauma in your life. 

How do you know if you have had a trauma? When making a decision, do you consider what happened to you when making a new decision? Does a memory keep reoccurring that gives you torment? Are you depressed and angry? Do you sabotage relationships? Do you run from something hard? Do you choose not to think of something bad that happened; yet you know it's there anyway? If any of these things ring true for you, then you have had a trauma. Did you know that you could have a trauma from stubbing your toe? And for a while, every time you go past that doorway where it happened, there is extra caution in entering that doorway? That is a daily trauma... At first it serves as a warning to choose your footing better, but if it prolongs it can turn into a fear!

There is hope! Facing the trauma again for one last time will help you when being restored. It's all about forgiveness. If you need help in learning about forgiveness, go to the teaching link on this site, and click on "forgiveness." Yes, a trauma "sticks" in our mind and heart because of unforgiveness. What do I mean, especially if it's about stubbing a toe? You need to forgive yourself... And check your heart to see if you blamed someone else for that toe being stubbed. Perhaps at the time, a person was trying to talk with you and you didn't pay attention to where you were going... and you ran into the wall. Yes, as simple as that... the enemy uses anything to get us to separate ourselves from ourselves by causing a broken heart. And that my friend is what a trauma can produce... a broken heart and broken relationships! And the enemy knows if he can get you to have a broken heart, he can get you sick. His only job is to kill, steal and destroy you!! Because a broken heart can break your immune system down. (I talk more on that in my new book called "What Was I Thinking?" We go into great detail about a broken heart and how to forgive...

When we have a broken heart, that’s when fear comes. Fear messes with every area of our lives. It causes us to choose poor relationships. It causes us to stop living. It prevents the blessings of God because when you are in fear that is a major block to all blessings and healing, because behind fear is the lack of trusting in God’s love! His perfect love that casts out all fear.

A broken heart can only come when love or the lack of it was involved. I remember a song called, “Only Love Can Break Your Heart.” This is very true. Only those closest to you can break your heart! People who were supposed to love you and didn't. It’s the only wound that cannot be healed by another, only God can heal the broken hearted. Trust Him today, run to to Him today, and allow His love and forgiveness to heal your traumatic experience and your broken heart.

If you need help in this area, please contact us at (530) 622-1647 and we'll be happy to "bare" along side you to help you walk out of this. Our desire is that you are free... is that yours too?

Tom's Tidbits:

My husband had a "trauma" to his knee. So immediately we addressed any unforgiveness. See, he was doing some work for me and twisted his knee, so I asked him to forgive "me" because if it wasn't for me needing him to do this, he wouldn't have hurt his knee. We also have to address any self-unforgiveness as well, because in things like this we get mad at ourselves for not asking for help, or for lifting something the wrong way, or thinking of something else and not paying attention, etc. So, we got the forgiveness stuff done right away... BUT... now the repair of his knee is in process. He has been laid up for a full week, and now just getting up to walk around. But the body still has to heal, and healing takes time. If you know anything about pulled tendins, it could be a longer healing time. But we are believing for complete healing, and no residue. But.. right now, he's still going through the mend.

While he's been laid up for days, he told me that God has been speaking to Him about some things. So then I asked him, with such excitement, "What is God saying to you?" He said, "That's right, He's saying them to ME." I said, yeah, but what is He saying?" He said, "He's saying them to ME... and pointed to himself." I just laughed and laughed. Letting me know it's between Him and God, and that's cool!! Cause I get to reap the fruit of that conversation. As a wife, I don't need to know all the details (which ladies, we normally do) because I know if God is talking to him, I'll reap the benefits.

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