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New Book Release!!

Just released is my new book called "What Was I thinking?" My friend Caspar McCloud, who lives in Georgia, and I collaborated over a year ago, and wrote this book. It started out with me simply helping him prepare his book for self-publishing, but then the Holy Spirit began having me add my own insights and revelations, so then we decided I would co-author. We didn't think much at the time of publishing, we were just preparing it for self-publish, which I have already done for several of my books already.

As we began putting together the endorsements, Caspar sent a copy of the book transcript to an author friend of his. The next thing we know, his friend sends it off to his publisher, and they called us with a book deal... only 3 days later!! Do you know how many times peole send in books but publishers reject them? I know, I sent in some of mine in the past, and that is what happened.

But I encourage you to take a look at the book, and decide for yourself if you would like to order one. They are only $15.00, very reasonble price for something that can impact your life forever. I have provided a copy of the front and back of the book to review, and provided a partial chapter to read. Simply click here to view. If you like what you see, then go to the books page to order your copy today.

We look forward to walking with you on your journey in learning more of God and how you can get your thoughts lined up more like His to see amazing miraculous things happen in your life.

Move To Our New Office near Placerville

We have moved into an office near Placerville, CA. The address is: 6166 Enterprise Drive #B, Diamond Springs, CA 95619. Our Phone # is 530-622-1647. I also have an office manager who is helping set things up and running the daily office operations, her name is Justine Gambaro. She is also an ordained minister and has already taken on a case load of inquiries and ministering to people. She comes very qualified and has truly been an asset and help to me, for LAM and personally.

We look forward to serving you! Please call us to make a phone ministry appointment or come see us in person.

Taking My Thoughts Captive by Linda Lange

This book I just shared with you has impacted my life as well. As I was writing it, so many trials and tests came my way, and the biggest one came the week the book was released. I applied to my life what we wrote in the book, and I was able to get through something that only could have happened if I knew what to do and what to look for. Becuase if we don't know these things, we could fall away in our faith. We could "think" God has abandoned us and stopped taking interest in us. We have to understand our thoughts, and what we can do about getting them on the truth. Here's a blog I did today that will show you that I too have to go through some things that test my faith in God. And even though we fall apart at times, God never does, He is faithful to bring things to completion... sometimes without us!!! But we get to reap the benefits, because His love is faithful.

Here is my blog: You can also go see the others that I've written at:

This morning I woke up and felt led to read Ephesians Chapter 6. It is filled with awesome life changing truths... for example: When we honor our parents, we are promised a long life. When we deal with our children, we are to do so in a nurturing and loving way. When we work, we are to work unto the Lord so He returns blessings... not man... stuff like that. But what I wanted to specifically address was found in vs. 13... "Wherefore, take to you the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, stand."

We have read this over and over, and we actually probably have it memorized in some form. But then we go on to see what that armor is... but I want us to take a look at the scripture I just quoted. I never read it this way before, perhaps you haven't either, and I believe it will truly help many of us who find themselves in a huge struggle/trial and not sure where God is???

There is a word in there I never saw before.... WITH stand... Hmmm.... my practical mind looked at that word and to me it means.... standing with all that junk we are going through. In other words, being able to stand even IN the midst of our trials. So many of us just want to get past it, and then 'stand' but that's not what it is saying. Jesus even warns us of trials and persecutions that will come to us, but He will be with us IN them.. not necessarily have us avoid them.

This gives me a new view on life. That as we go through things... He is WITH us... and we can stand WITH the stuff...

Recently I felt like I was in a melting pot about ready to explode... and I did a bit. My husband calls them "melt-downs." I haven't had one for a long time where I just felt overwhelmed to the point I didn't know what to do except run away or hide under a rock for a few days. Some may even find themselves in a bottle, the refrigerator, shopping, TV, etc. The problem is, we go wherever we go... and since that "melt-down" can only come from us... hmmm....

It was because I felt for a minute God had left me somehow... I was being asked to do something I didn't feel quite ready to do, and I got a bit confused. Then when confusion sets in, so does doubt and unbelief, and pretty soon, you are falling underneath a bunch of stuff in your "thinking" and want to run away. The truth is, we have the power and ability to take every thought captive and get the victory - just like we talk about in the book "What Was I Thinking?" Sometimes it hits like a flood that we were so unprepared, all we could do is fall under the flood... But.... WITHin that stuff... God is there. It may seem like He isn't, but His Word is true. We have to "on purpose" think like God thinks!

But as I was "enduring" something this past week, it hurt really bad. Something in me was changing, pulling, tugging, cutting, and I cried... I felt like I was in a birth canal, and I understand through medical research that it is a painful experience for a baby. There is NO WAY to stop the delivery once it starts. However, we can slow it down by dragging our feet in the spirit by falling into fear, having doubt of what God is doing, doubting He is there... etc.. But the birthing is inevitable.

I like the scripture, "Come let us reason together says the Lord..." That means, simply cooperate with God, cause you are going to have to go through this thing anyway, but will you go peacefully or kicking and screaming? Well, for me... I went kicking and screaming... but I came out on the other end. Truly exhausted but... through it. God is faithful even when we aren't, to see things through. He may have to drag us along, but He never goes backwards.

What I'm saying is that everyone has to go through some things from time to time. It's a test of our faith, whether we will continue to believe God or not... Like Job said, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him." In other words this is what this says to me: "Though I have this hard thing I'm going through that God hasn't delivered me from yet, I will put my mind on the truth, and still trust He loves me and is with me and will trust all things will work out for good."

As I put my mind on those things, it got easier and easier, pretty soon I was free!

I like that! I hope you do too... because it will be the difference the next time a trial comes hard and pressing how we will "WITH-it-stand."


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