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We are pleased to announce that LAM is conducting a meeting in the Los Angeles area on Sept. 20th. Please check out the seminars page for more details. We are also coming to Pinole, CA in January 2009, check back then.


My husband and I just bought our first GPS. It's the navigational system to help while traveling, if you weren't sure what that was. So we decided to test it. We had an appointment in a neighboring town and so plugged in the destination, and off we went. I really liked it. It would tell us when to turn, how long until you turn, what time you will get to your destination, etc. Well, we already knew how to get to the freeway, and decided to take another route than the one provided by the GPS. So we turned. And much to our surprise, it said, "recalibrating." What it does is reset the route from where you turn. It doesn't say, "Hey you, you went the wrong way, turn around." It just resets itself at the location we are at.

This is how God is in our lives. Once we realize this, we will be able to live in more peace, not fear Him in a wrong way, and enjoy our lives. See, when we make a decision, regardless if it was the right one or a wrong one, God "re-calibrates" the destination. Yes, things are predestined but only according where you are! My husband told me while he was in Vietnam that he knew that if he stepped using his left foot, his destination would be different than if he stepped out with his right foot. Depending on which foot he stepped out on was the one that will take his life or save it. Like our choices, God re calibrates according to where we are.

So many use "predestination" as just waiting around to die because they believe God already knows what is going to happen, and they can't do nothing about it, so why even try. But that is further from the truth! He works with our decisions!! Look at Abraham. God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of the evil in those cities. But Abraham prayed to God that He wouldn't destroy them. "Okay," God said, "I won't destroy them if you can find five good people." But of course, there weren't five good people, so it was destroyed. Yet, God have Abraham the opportunity to cause God to re calibrate the destination.

So as you live your life. Don't be so afraid that you missed God, He will re calibrate where you are. Don't get stuck on a wrong decision you made so many years ago, or that your predestined so you don't really need to do anything. That is a cop out and you won't enjoy your life. But if you live knowing that God "re calibrates" it will cause you to find more peace and joy. He doesn't even say, "Hey dummy, you went the wrong way." He just re calibrates where you are and moves forward. If He commands us not to look back on past mistakes, it's for certain He doesn't look at them either.

Toms' Tidbits:

"Food is not the answer."

One morning Tom and I were talking. I had just had a stomach ache the night before, I ate a very healthy salad, but I did put some red bell peppers in it, which wasn't what I was used to, and I had cramping all night. My husband was sleeping most of the day because that was his day off, so he didn't eat anything. This is normal for him, he can go days without eating and it not even bother him. Food isn't an issue for him, and believe me, he's very healthy. But there I was, eating what I believed was good, and yet suffering from a stomach ache. So I said, "You didn't eat at all yesterday did you?" He said, no. Then he said, "look where it got you?" He reminded me that I would look to food for so many of my needs to be fulfilled. I used to have dizzy spells, and he said I would eat so I wouldn't get dizzy. I would eat to calm my jitters. I would eat to find comfort. And then he said, "Food is not the answer." Something to think about.


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