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I so enjoy sharing these thoughts and insights with you in these newsletters. There are many of them, dating back to 2000! You will find as you read them, they apply to every day life because they are founded on truth and revelation, and I believe will be of help to you as well. I've had many comment that they minister to them for daily living! Check them out for yourself.

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September 5th - One-Day Seminar, Rancho Cordova, CA. Open to the public, men, women, and families. Please call for more details and to register. Conference is free!

September 23rd - November 18th - I will be teaching a series called "Fearless Living." Location: Westside Church, Placerville, CA, at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM. Call to sign up. The class is free, book is $10.00. Come for a life changing experience!

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Teleconference Classes - Fearless Living

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I had an experience recently that helped me see that I still had some comparison issues in my heart, and how God used this experience to deliver me from it.

I was driving to my sister's house, she lives about 2 hours away, and while driving I looked over to a young woman in a car next to me. She was cute, long brown hair, big sunglasses, cute figure. And as she reached up to press the buttons on the radio, I noticed her lovely nails. I then began thinking of how I used to look, that I was like that at one time. I began looking at my poochy tummy, worn skin, fingernails not at all pristeen, and started to dwell on the past. As I drove along, I began recalling the clothes I wore, the way I wore my hair, the adventures I went on, the people (men) I met. And so after my visit, and I began driving home, I decided to do something about it! I was listening to some Sade (music I used to listen to when I was younger and prettier) and it started me moving. Once I got home, which was around 10:30 p.m. I decided to start exercising NOW. So I put in a video, and started to do some dancing... Well, I shimmy'd one too many, and out went my back!!!! I was stiffer than a door. I couldn't move my neck, and then began to laugh.

This happened to me, not becuase of my sleek moves on the floor, but because of what was in my heart! I realized that I was "fellowshipping with devils" because when we dwell in the past, that is exactly what we are doing. So I repented, and confessed my heart of comparison with that girl, and even with my own past self! I told the spirit of pain to leave, and it took a day, but the pain began to go, almost as quickly as it came. And, I know in the past when I would hurt myself, it would take weeks! But not I've got more sense, and realize that most of our injuries happen because of our heart condition. So, I was back to normal within 3 days!! A miracle? Well, not really, however the miracle was that I realized what happened and how I got into that predicament! Once I confessed, my body went back into perfect balance.

I have ministered to people who have had car accidents with back and neck injuries, but then someone could have gotten in the exact same accident, without injuries. The same with my own situation, I had to ask the Lord "what was I thinking about" when I hurt myself? And bam... it comes up every time, something I need to confess. Same with others I talk to. Every time I talk to someone about what was going on in their life at the time of the accident, almost 100% of the time they were thinking something painful. They were mad at someone, they were offended, they were abandoned, they were critical, judgmental, or felt betrayed. A host of things, but it all deals with unforgiveness in their heart somewhere with someone. I had unforgiveness in my heart toward myself that I didn't take care of myself good enough and stay "cute" enough. I was being critical of myself! Self-hatred is rooted in not able to forgive self!

I remember another time I was out in my yard doing some landscaping. I picked up a big rock and I felt a tear in my lower back. Because I know these principles, I immediate asked myself, "what were you thinking?" And sure enough, I was thinking of something I said to someone that I shoudln't have. I was mad at myself!!! Then when I confessed it to the Lord, layed hands on my back for healing, the pain stopped IMMEDIATELY, without any residue! I was back to gardening, BUT, my mind was on that which is good!!!

So I encourage you to recall the time when and if you were injured and you are still dealing with that pain, to ask yourself what was going on at the time. Was another person involved? Were you having a fight with someone? Were you mad at yourself? Were you going through some traumas? Then whatever the Lord reveals, forgive, forgive, forgive! Then lay hands on that area and ask God to heal you. Hey, what's the harm? At least if you don't get physically healed, your spirit was, and you'll even "feel" the difference!

Soul Search

I was convicted to the core last night with regard to individuals who have not found Jesus Christ as their Savior. Our Father in heaven is constantly wooing and chasing after people who are to be heirs of salvation. But what I discovered is that, these individuals may be experiencing a touch from God, and even thinking like they need to seek Him out, but there is no one around to really bring it all home - like the one who is called a "closer." I didn't realize that there are hundreds of people in American who has never even heard the gospel story, and if they have, there isn't anyone to pray with them and disciple them. It's not that they need someone, and God can save people without our help. But for those need a little help, no one is around. It reminds me of the scripture that says, "The harvest is ripe, laborers are few." These individuals are ripe, ready to receive Jesus but just don't know how. So even if you get it wrong and that person isn't ready, what if they were and you missed the opportunity because of fear?

I decided today to be a "soul searcher" making it a daily effort to "remember" those in prayer, and to WATCH for opportunites wherever I go to help usher people to the throne of grace. I hope you come along with me and take that step of faith, and who knows, you may experience a healing just by focusing on others.

Tom's Tidbits:

"Step it up, and stop trying to get everything for free." I was talking to Tom the other day about getting a professional picture taken so I can use it for the back of my books that I'm writing. I began thinking of department stores and told Tom that I can get an 8x10 for free at a particular store, and can just make copies. He looked at me and said, "Stop always trying to get things for free, and just go get it done." He really stumped me because in our economy today, if we can get it for free, we'll do it. But Tom has an excellent spirit, and helping me walk in it even more. It's not that free things aren't good, I love getting things for free, but not to have a "cheap" spirit about it. A cheap spirit will keep you in a mental state of victimizating and poverty, and it will take a car load of Christians to come along and scrape you off the ground!

That brings me to the ministry I offer. I offer it free, and rely on people to give according to their heart. Sometimes people give, and sometimes people don't. The saying, "You get what you pay for" comes to mind. So, should I charge for what I offer so that a value is placed on it? No. Because there is value placed on it, there is fruit! I've seen over and over so many finding salvation, healing, restored relationships, and even starting their own ministries. Someone paid the price, and just because it didn't come out of a pocket book, doesn't mean it doesn't have value. I think in our society, success is rated by "how much." We need to understand God's economy and say, "Paid in full."


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