Matthew 4:1-3:

Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward an hungered.

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What happens to us after we receive Jesus as our Savior?

First, how were we before?  We are one individual, we are a sinner.  The spirit of God is not residing in this person. They can live their life free from any guilt, discomfort, etc., because their God (of this world) is keeping them comfortable so they don’t think they need the True God. BUT, into each human being He put a hole. This hole is in the heart and can only be filled by God. The people on this earth who are not “born again”, will do anything they can to fill the hole. Unfortunately, many turn to vises, spending, people, success, and not to God. Many haven’t heard the good news, and so that’s what we as believers are to do – by the example in our lives – that as people see us, they’ll be drawn to us because they’ll want what we have. (This is the ideal world). But as you know, you don't want what you have why would others. We need to realize that whatever is in us will cause us to attrack or repel people. (Be sure to do the study on "buttons" to deal with those things you want out.)

After we become saved?  The Holy Spirit moves in.  There is not enough room for Him and the other(s) living there. That’s why when we are saved, we are so happy, filled with peace and joy, contentment, on fire for God, for a few weeks or months.  Because the Holy Spirit kicked out all those residing in you. But what happens, is that when something happens to you, it triggers old experiences and though patterns into the situation causing anger, strife, bitterness, fear to manifest, openeing the door for the enemy to take root again. But this time, they no longer have access to the holy places, but have power to live in the courtyard – which is our Flesh.  When we become saved, we are INSTANTLY perfected within the spirit man. But now, our flesh has to be saved, so to speak, and that’s what takes the time. Our flesh is the other person living within our being. So now we have the “sinner” and the “holy spirit” dwelling in the same house – the battle is on. The reason unsaved don’t have the trials and struggles that Christian’s have, is that they don’t have both warring with each other, they are sinners still and nothing to show them their errors. 

I realized that individuals that I have in contact with with anxiety and stress related problems have been believers. Once I explain what is happening to them, they no longer let that control and cause them to fear what is happening to them. 1 Peter 4:12 says not to fear the strange things happening to us! Because things are going to happen. But it's not a time to fall into fear and doubt, but into more faith, because all will work out for good if you don't give up!

  1. Now that we have the Holy Spirit living in us, we now have the PERFECT one there.  So we get mixed up now.  We now expect our flesh to be PERFECT.  So we get mad at ourselves when we don’t say things right, do things right, make a perfect cake, have perfect hair, perfect size, perfect kids, and perfect husband.  We wonder what is wrong with us?  How can I be a Christian and think and do these things?  We have to understand and believe this truth.  We have been perfected I our spirit, and because of that, we now have a desire to be perfect.  We have to keep the two separate.  I am the right in God’s eyes because I have accepted His son.  I many not DO evrything right, but that’s not what makes me righteous and perfect.  Cause no flesh will ever be made perfect no matter how long we live on this earth.  We fall short of God’s perfectness.  If we understand that “It is not I that does it but the sin that dwells in me doing it” we then will be able to move on in our life without guilt and condemnation.  We will love ourself, we will understand ourself, and we will not be disappointed in ourself all the time.

  2. When the “honey moon” is over, and the life stuff starts happening such as, the pastor didn’t say hi to you on Sunday and it hurt your feelings.  Or someone forgot your birthday, well the roots of rejection are beginning to be exposed from these current incidents.  God is now going to do a purging in your heart to get rid of all those “roommates” – which is sin, so he can help you become more holy in your fleshly areas.  Our flesh is now needing to be transformed, that’s what takes so long.  So now that these things are being exposed, we need to exercise ourselves in the area of forgiveness.  Forgiving another, forgiving God or forgiving ourselves.

  3. In order to be forgiving, we need to have the manifestation of Jesus in us to be able to do so.  We are saved through the forgiveness of sins, and we will continue to stay free and become more free the same way.  Forgiveness of sins.  The # 1 block to unrest in our spirit and enmity with God is Unforgiveness.

  4. So now, the Lord begins to expose sin in your life.  Things you never even saw before.  Things you never saw as an unbeliever.  And things you may not even see in yourself as a believer.  Why?  Because he will only expose things to us he knows we are ready to face.  Things he shows you have been in you from years ago or current.  He doesn’t show us everything at once we won’t be able to handle it.  So as he shows us something like in the area of Jealousy.  Ouch… it hurts to know that we have a problem there.  So we finally warm up to the idea and allow God the freedom to work in that area.  We’re doing pretty good, things are OK, we feel pretty good, then BAM, the next day we are so depressed, more jealous than ever, getting mad at everyone, and wonder what has happened? 

This is what has happened. The heart was dealt with and the junk exposed. We get out to the holy area, and say, hey this isn’t so bad.  OK Lord, yank that junk out of me.  Go ahead!  I’m ready Lord.  Help me Lord to get through this. You are giving God permission to do the very thing you are screaming about when it happens!

IT HURTS to be purged. It’s a cutting away of something familiar to us. Like an arm being cut off.  It is felt, and can be very painful. But it has to go OUT that way, through the outer shell. Once it is out completely, that same thing will NEVER return again. I like to say it this way, "Buckle your seat belt and go for the ride of your life!"

What happens is that when the pain starts (which I like to call the squeezy part)  we tend to shy from it. The flesh begins to scream and say, “I don’t like it, stop, this hurts, it’s uncomfortalbe, I don’t think I can bare this pain”.  So instead of allowing God to go THROUGH with the purging, we shut down, we turn away, we go call a friend, we eat, we watch TV, we shop, we avoid it, at any way possible.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t leave any other way, so the best thing to do is to ENDURE the pain for A LITTLE WHILE and it will be done with.  You will need to know that if you choose to not let that pass through, it will return for another day.  So just take the pruning when it’s happening and get it over with once and for all. 

There is a scripture that says, “Go through the narrow gate, it leads to life (Matthew 7:13-14). The wide gate leads to death”.  I always thought it said, the narrow road and the wide road, but it doesn’t.  It’s a gate.  A place of PASSING THROUGH.  But we cannot pass through with that JUNK.  There’s only enough room in the gate for you and the Lord to pass through.  We cannot take the excess junk through.  So what happens, is that people choose to keep their junk and turn back.  Or they try to find another way, therefore the word “alternative”.  Alternative methods, medicine etc., is rampant now.  Trying to find the “easy” way or the “less painful way”, but that’s not GOD’s way. 

I always thought that if I get on the “narrow road” there’s not much to do.  It’ll get harder and harder, but that’s a lie.  It’s only a GATE, and on either side is wide open spaces!  Once we get through the gate, we come into ANOTHER GLORY! 

Don’t fear those times of trials.  Don’t fear the pain.  Allow it to “Pass through” and be done with it once and for all. When you can get to a place that when trials come, affliction or whatever hits your body, you can rejoice and know God is doing a work!

Our work is to “believe” God’s work is to finish what He has started.  We don’t start it, we don’t finish it, we Just believe God is!

Prayer for you to pray:

"Dear Heavenly Father. I didn't realize that the times I was being tested were good! Those were hard trying times, but they were only there for me to grow and change into more of who you created me to be. I ask for forgiveness for fearing change. For fearing what I may become. I ask you to help me endure these hard times and remember that these times that come is all good! Let me not fear pain any more when dealing with issues. Let me want to get more clean every day. I ask you to give me strength and courage to face everything that I need to face so that I am freed from it. Because as long as it is there, it has me... I don't have it. So Father, forgive me for not trusting you in these times. I choose to trust you even more and say, "I hurts so good!" And to keep in mind these are opportunities to see you work your miracles in my life. I thank you for loving me in the midst of all my stuff, and I love you too! I want more of you today! In Jesus name, Amen."

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