Psalm 27:10:

When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up.

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A Mothers Heart


Jesus came from the bosom of the Father to show us His love (John 1:18) What is a bosom? It's a place of nurture, love, acceptance, safety, and comfort. A place where a child's needs are met. When a baby cries, they have a need. Change a diaper, feed them or simply hold them. But they cry because of a need. We are all crying out because of a need. We are looking in so many places to get that need met, when all along it's within the Father's love - provided through Jesus Christ.

I heard recently that when a need is met, we are healthy. When a need is not met, we are sick. I tend to agree with that. In this ministry, we see many emotional and physical problems that have come out of a need to be accepted and loved as it pertains to their parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, friends, and God.

In this session, we will be looking mostly at a mother's love that comes through the touch of a mothers hand, her words, her nurture that we find has direct impact to a person's well being. When we have not been loved emotionally or physically, we can have problems later on with trusting people in relationship, with bonding, etc. The first experience of touch is at conception, not at birth, but at conception. A baby already has a spirit at that point and it attaches to the spirit of the mother. That's why many psychologists say that the baby experiences all that the mother experiences emotionally. The Bible says we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with spiritual. We are first spiritual beings, so our spirits touch the spirits of others, and intimately so does a baby in the womb. Have you ever wondered why some people who go near a baby causes them to go into a screaming fit? It could be that baby's spirit is seeing the person's spirit and it doesn't quite jive! You may have heard that dogs can sense when you are in fear and could even attack. It's spirit talking to spirit!

So then if the mother is at peace, the baby is at peace. If the mother is in fear and stress, it also affects the baby. The baby already knows if it's wanted or not, it's intimately acquainted with the mother's heart. Then after birth, the next two years the baby suckles and is held by the mother. Continues that place of peace, joy and contentment. But, in a home that this doesn't take place, a variety of manifestations in a child become apparent. They are unable to receive and give love, and this affects all their relationships. When you are dealing with a strong willed child - I would imagine this child didn't bond properly with a parent, and now living "undone" and alone. They are those who when you try to hug, they stand there like a stiff pole. They don't like the mush, they don't like being touched. They grew accustomed to it. They may even feel like they are living in shame, afraid to open up themselves.

But we have an advocate with the Father, who takes us up at those times when none other would and he's pleading with you now to come and fall into His arms. If a father or mother doesn't provide the infant with what it needs - it will grow up needy. This child will look for love and acceptance from where it can find it - and it's proven that desires (Sexually or emotionally) heighten. Many children are hyperactive, but I would hope the parents would look to see the circumstances in which that child was conceived. Was the child loved from the start? Were there issues in the mother's heart? Were there issues in the father's heart? Was there love in the home from God above? When we are lacking these things - in other words - our needs not being met, many manifestations appear.

I learned that during the nine months of pregnancy, the baby is co-joined with the mother. If the mother doesn't have healthy love relationships with themselves, God and others, the baby will formulate these same types of characteristics. When we are loved in the womb, it establishes a reference point of love. And as you have ready already in the teachings, Love is the most important aspect we can have that helps in our healing and restoration process. When we lack in that area of love within the womb, and then 2 years after birth, and there is no bond to a parent's love and touch, the child can become very sick. We are created to love, and if it's not there, we dry up, and thereby, many diseases are in our children today. Again, when our needs are met, we will be healthy. When our needs are not met, we will be sick. That is the simple truth.

When the Lord created us, He created us in His image. If God is Love and that's who He is and what He does, doesn't it stand to show that we are to have the same? Did you know that even if you didn't have a nurturing upbringing, or perhaps you were even given up for adoption, that God receives you as His own. "Though your mother or father forsakes you, I will not forsake you?" (Psalm 27:10) We have no excuse any longer. We cannot blame our parents or upbringing. We cannot blame God for giving us the parents we have, because he knew it was going to happen. If things didn't go wrong in the Garden of Eden, we would have had the perfect parents, but it didn't and we don't. He also knew that He would be there to receive you unto himself. He knew that the parents you had had issues of their own to deal with, their own pain and suffering. And our parents can only give you what they themselves received. It's time to stop being the victim, and be the child you were meant to be to a God in Heaven who is your true Father.


We are no longer justified to stay in a hurt condition, yes, there may have been some abusive things going on, things that have left scars, but we are responsible NOW for our lives. We are to take God at His Word who says that He heals the broken hearted. If you desire to be set free in this area, truly find peace with your mother (or memory of your mother) then pray with me. (This is just a sample prayer)

"Dear Heavenly Father. I recognize I have had a need all my life. It's apparent in my need for ___________________ (name off your addiction or need). I give it all to you now as these things will not fulfill me, but only destroy me.. I ask you to fill me with your love, the love that produces peace and contentment. Fill me with your peace, acceptance, unconditional love, and joy. I choose today to take responsibility for my life, realizing that some of my heart aches may have come from my mother, I will no longer blame her, but I forgive her. She was hurting too, and so I pray that you give me compassion for her and release her into your arms. She only needed to be loved, to get a hug, she too was in need as she was trying to give to me. I ask you to fill me with all that you are, provide me with the compassion and empathy for my mother. Thank you for healing my broken heart and setting me free from the bondage of bitterness. I will look to you and you alone to fulfill my need. Help me to remember to do this each and every time I want to run to my addiction. Set me free from the addiction, release me from the chains of it's control. I receive your love, and receive forgiveness of my sin. In Jesus name, Amen."

Be sure to review the teaching on God's Love. It's critical to fulfilling our basic needs of love and relationship.

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