Proverbs 29:18:

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

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I understand now why people can perish without vision. (Proverbs 29:18)  Not only because the Bible says so, but because I've seen it first hand personally. When there is no vision, there is no hope, no purpose to continue living, no self-worth, and so on.  But I discovered something that I find that many have done when choosing a vision to focus on, it’s short termed, therefore, short lived.

I discovered that the true vision is the ultimate final prize that we are all after as Christians.  Eternal life.  But I found that people don’t want to think about that because then they’ll have to think of death.  More and more people fear death.  The enemy has us blinded by the truth because death is the doorway to the life-eternal. It’s not to be feared.  The reason we fear it is that   1)  We’re afraid to leave people behind  2) We’re afraid it will hurt  3)  We’re afraid we don’t really know where we are going.  4)  We may secretly think it's not real.  So the more we don’t think of dying, the better we are.  However, then our life is not living to it’s fullest because we are keeping our mind on things on this earth that are short-term.

What I mean is that by focusing on the farthest thing from today, which is eternal life, the journey along the way doesn’t become a hindrance.  It’s when we look at our feet on our journey that we stumble and fall over that journey.  But lookout out beyond our feet - which represents the daily life situations to the ultimate prize, and watch the peace that will come.  If we set our sights on things above (as the Bible teaches us to do continually) the things all around us won't cause us to stumble.  Nothing can get us down when our eyes are SET on the final destination.

Let me share a personal account.  I have to get up and go to work everyday like most people.  I had focused on this life and going to work as my means of provision and motivation.  However, after awhile of the same old thing, I found myself looking for other means of motivation.  Just getting up and going to work wasn't working, I had to put things into it to get me going.  Things like making lunch plans, working on a fun project, wearing a new dress, having a new hairstyle, etc.  I continued looking for something else to satisfy and give motivation.  However, now that I got this revelation and have set my eyes toward Heaven and the ultimate prize of transformation to eternal life, my job or earthly responsibilities no longer are a burden or a stumbling block.  I’m not looking at them any longer to satisfy and motivate.  I’m looking far beyond them, and because of that they have become dim in His presence.  (Genesis 15:1)  My joy and hope only comes from God.  And by keeping my eyes and mind and vision on Him, will satisfy my daily life and the things of this world will not distract me or cause me to fall. 

The other area of importance is the area of substance and blessings in this life.  I think that everyone to some degree has desires for more provision and wealth.  If we are honest, most of us want “more than enough.”  But I found that our definition of this may be different that what was intended.  So now that we don’t have “more than enough” of the stuff we think we need, that becomes our stumbling block. 

My vision is eternal and not made by flesh and blood.  Anything that causes me to stumble is because I’ve taken my eyes off the final destination.

The Bible continually talks of keeping our thoughts on things above, keeping our eyes toward the hills from where comes our help (Psalm 121), Looking up for the returning of Jesus Christ, and pressing on toward the mark, the final mark of the gift of eternal life.  Each of these scriptures talks of looking PAST this life and into the next. 

I know that when I plan a trip somewhere, I don’t always look forward to the “getting there” part, but think of what I’ll be doing when I get there.  Enjoying the sun, sight seeing, shopping, whatever.  And it helps me get there with ease, without fear, without distraction.  I look forward to the “good” that awaits there.  And that’s what God showed me.  To keep my eyes on the prize, the reason we are saved in the first place is for our eternal home in heaven. (Of course, I also got a revelation on living in the moment, and even in the journeys now I enjoy each step taken.)

That’s the great prize.  The final hope of our calling.  Our eyes are to be fixed on this vision.  If Peter didn’t look down when he was walking on water, he never would have sunk.  But he took his eyes OFF His redeemer.  This will cause every person to fall in one way or another.

But no more.  I ask the Lord to remind me when I begin to look upon this world instead o keeping my eyes fixed toward the eternal, invisible Kingdom.  I find this is affecting everything I do and think now..  Shopping is no longer a desire, because by shopping I’m keeping my eyes on this world and what it has for me.  TV is becoming less and less attractive because it’s keeping my eyes fixed on the evil of this world.  I'm changing the company I keep and choosing to be around people with vision and hope.  I needed to separate myself from things that tempt me to keep my eyes focused on the wrong things. Because truthfully, even my ministry is not the end of all ends, it’s my journey to help me grow more and hear from God in ways unimaginable to REACH that end.  So if one day I don’t have this ministry, that’s OK, because it was being used to bring me in closer relationship with God, preparing me for my final destination with Him.  Along the way I’m helping people find their way as well, so we stay ready for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The Bible talks of those looking toward Jesus’ return are truly the blessed of this earth.  I’ve heard the saying, “Too heavenly minded are no earthly good.”  But I that is a lie.  To be heavenly-minded causes us to be of earthly good.

Prayer for you:

"Father in Heaven, I am so pleased that my home is with you in Heaven.  I want my focus to remain steadfast on you and your Son Jesus.  I want to live in this world with vision and hope of you so that others may come to know your glorious love.  I know that what I keep my eyes on reflects in my life, so help me to keep my eyes and thoughts on things above, not on things of this earth.  I know that by doing that, by seeking first the Kingdom, all these things - the things of this earth - will fall into place. The things on this earth are only a shadow, help me to hold on loosely to them, but tightly onto you.  Let me not look at the waves of life that will cause me to fall, but on my redeemer.  I know in so doing I will remain calm in the midst of storms and peace will be a constant.  I thank you for continually teaching me how to stay focused - keeping my thoughts on you, on what is good, right, perfect, lovely, and virtuous in everything I do, and everywhere I go.  In Jesus name, Amen."

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