Philippians 4:13:

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

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Have you ever felt dread? Perhaps you never gave it much thought? Perhaps you have, perhaps you have not. But I found this is the most sneaky and cunning spirit yet. Many don't even know what dread is. Many don't realize it is fear! Regardless what your situation is, this teaching is one of the most important to helping you get your life back!  To help restore you to peace without guilt or shame, without frustration, anxiety, or worry, without fear and irritation, and most of all "feeling" overwhelmed.

I believe we can all agree that we know what it feels like to be "overwhelmed." When we have twenty thousand things to get done in a day, or you just got a job that just seems way over your head, or you are doing things that just keep piling up. Well, you get the picture. You started out meaning well, you want to do these things, but before long, there is a pile of things to do and now you "dread" 'doing them.

Many church-goers find themselves overwhelmed and it leads to burn out. They simply quit, sometimes even leave the church and take several years to re cooperate. I know; I was one of them. It seems I start out okay but things just get too hard to handle, so I quit and move on. Sometimes I go to another job or church with determination to not get involved. But, if you are anything like me, "involved" is my middle name. So we try to not get "too" involved, but you know what happens then, you either are or you aren't and we are right back where we started from.
Well I didn't know what my problem was; well, not until I learned that it was the "Spirit of Dread."

When I would start to feel heavy, overwhelmed or get confused, that's when I discerned the "Spirit of Dread" was behind it all. See, I can do all those things through Christ who strengthens me. Dread says, "It's too hard, and I can't do it." Here are some other statements that Dread says:

  • "I don't feel like it."
  • "I don't want to."
  • "It's too hard."
  • "I am too tired to even think about it."
  • "I wish I didn't have to go."
  • "How long is this going to take?"
  • "What about............"
  • "I'm just doing too much, I can't do another thing."
  • "I want to run away from home."
  • "I need to get away from here."
  • "I'm so confused."
  • "I'm so overwhelmed."
  • "I'm so frustrated."
  • "I'll do that later."
  • "I dread the kids coming home from school."
  • "I'm afraid I can't do that."
  • "I hate doing the dishes."

Does any sound familiar? Then you are subject to the "Spirit of Dread" playing you like a fiddle.

When (not "if") you experience these thoughts again, you have the power to cast out that spirit of dread! Each and every time! I don't care how many times you have to do it, keep doing it.

As I was preparing for this teaching, dread tried to stop me from writing it. I just didn't "feel" like doing it. I had other things I needed to do, so I was thinking of putting this off even longer. But as you know, when you put something off that you can do today, that is sin because that's procrastination. So not only is dread there, now sin is piled up on top of it. Then I wonder why my bones start aching and I don't feel good. When the body manifestations started I stopped and said, "Wait a minute, those are manifestations of the spirit of dread." So immediately I told the spirit of dread to leave. IMMEDIATELY the overwhelming feeling went. My body restored itself, I was focused again, I felt a new day began (even though it was mid afternoon) and was filled with excitement of what I'm doing in this ministry. It was no longer a "dread" to me, it was an enjoyment.

This is a lesson for you too. No matter how real the feelings are, it's not you! It's that spirit of dread using you as a puppet to act out its character. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. What will you lose by stepping out in faith and addressing that spirit? It's not what you will lose it's what you will gain. Peace, stability and your joy!
Take a moment now and identify any area in your life that you dread doing. List them out. Then pray this prayer:

Father, I recognize that I have been in dread in these areas _______________________(name them). I ask you to forgive me for not recognizing it was the spirit of dread. So I cast out the spirit of dread now in Jesus name. Restore me Lord God with your peace, love and joy. In Jesus name. Amen."

Each and every time you face "dread" you toss Him out! You do that through identifying it and telling it to Go. As you do that, be sure to seek more of God's love; because Dread is really "fear" in another form. And the Bible says that perfect love casts out fear!

Sometimes I find myself dreading when I'm trying to do things myself, in my own abilities and power. Such as trying to figure things out, scheduling my time, and all along forgetting to bring God into the picture, acknowledging Him in every decision I make. Dread wouldn't be an issue if I kept my mind on Him. An indicator to me that I have a ways to go! But Praise God, I'm growing.


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