I Corinthians 6:13:

Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them. Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body.

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Sex and the Bible


Sex and the Bible
(This including soul-ties and co-dependency)

In order to be "one" with God, "one" with yourself, and "one" with your spouse, we need to get rid of all the other wrong connections to our soul and spirit.

Inordinate Affection: (soul-ties)

Col: 3:5; Lists "inordinate affection" among many other sins such as fornication and idolatry and lying.

Inordinate Affection is also known as "soul-ties" to wrong relationships. It can mean emotionally or physically, we are allowing others to have control over us. It means we are tied to the other person's wrong behavior, activities and other relationships. Soul-mates and soul-ties are different - one is Godly and one is not. An inordinate affection can be between two friends and of the same sex. They aren't sexually active with each other but they have tendencies of control over one another. Discussed further in this teaching.

Many of us have soul-ties that we are not even aware of, and that brings us to the issue of Sex and the Bible, Fornication and Adultery. The word fornication comes from a Latin word meaning "to visit a brothel." This is the word the King James Version translators used to translate the New Testament Greek word porneia. Porneia is used throughout the New Testament and refers to any type of heterosexual intercourse, which takes place outside the marriage. Promiscuity is the modern word for casual sex among many partners.

We all know fornication is sinful, but learning why may help us understand why it's talked about in I Corinthians 6:13, 15-20.

If you have had sex/intimacy with one person all your life, then you are only exposed to that one person. If the other person had more than one partner, then you are not only exposed to them, but all their partners as well. See chart below:


# of Partners
Total Exposed to


No wonder we cannot have intimate relations with the one we are with, there are "too many involved" in that "one" relationship.

To be healed in this area, confession of all relationships is to be done (as discussed in the forgiveness teaching) and then receive forgiveness breaking soul-ties to each and every individual involved. I find that when we truly forgive someone, soul-ties are cut automatically. I know when someone hasn't forgiven another is when they are still being controlled and manipulated by them.

Pray for healing and restoration from God into your lives to restore you to yourself. Forgive those who have caused pain during these relationships, and receive forgiveness for hurting others.

We can have inordinate affection (soul-ties) without having sex, especially with the same sex which is called "Situational Homosexuality."

It looks like this: 2 friends can create an unclean relationship. Jealousy and envy of seeing them have friends, not including you. Unnatural bonds goes from friendship to control. These HAVE to be severed.

How the Body reacts:

Our bodies were designed to become "one flesh" with a mate - one mate. It is very literal too if you take a look at how a sperm and egg become "one" flesh in the womb. I was reading through the Bantam Medical dictionary and read something quite astounding. We are all made with a specific number of cells. The sperm carries half of these cells and the woman carries the other half so that when the baby is born, they have the exact number of cells! This is God's divine creation abilities at work. Now, what we also know is that DNA can change, and we discuss this more when dealing with fear, and that is why we have birth defects. Some of the building block cells of human life was compromised in some way.

The relationship with a man helps boost the women's immune system. His sweat even helps to regulate her menstrual cycles (Clinically proven)

If a woman exposes herself to another's sperm, while she is with child, it can have an adverse reaction on the fetus, depleting that child's immune system from birth.

When we become "one" with our mate - we mingle our blood streams. Since "life is in the blood" Leviticus 17:11, this is where the enemy wants to come and mess with that blood stream.

Kissing on the mouth also transfers viruses from one body to another, be it a common virus or sexual virus such as herpes, mono, etc. You are exchanging blood cells, viruses, bacteria and perhaps unknown infectious agents yet to be discovered. Now I understand why Hollywood has so many relationship issues, with them kissing each other during their acting, they are transferring viruses and other agents to one another. Not to mention spirits... Yikes!

We receive our blood streams from our parents. If they were disobedient and living wrongly, we will inherit everything they took into their own lives. We can receive a virus that will affect all the generations after.

"Flee fornication, every sin that a man doeth is without the body, but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body" (I Corin. 6:18)

This type of living also affects our minds. It causes alienation in our thoughts - with others, ourself and God. (Ezek 23:17) Read all of Ezekiel, it talks of two women having inordinate affection.

"Know ye not that ye are God's temple, and the Spirit of God dwells within you? If anyone corrupts the temple of God, God shall bring corruption to him; for the temple of God is holy, which ye are". (I Cor. 3:16-17)

If we do not heed this scripture as it relates to sexual issues, we will receive corruption. Our health will deteriorate! Simple as that.

How to Be Restored

By recognizing the truth of your own situation, regardless of how hard it is to see, you have made a step in the right direction. Do not go into guilt or condemnation, but go to God for healing and restoration.

Pray something like this:

"Father, I recognize and take full responsibility for the choices I made in my life with regard to sex. I have had more than one partner, and I take this to you in the Name of Jesus for healing and restoration. (Talk to God about this, tell Him of those you were with, etc.) I break all soul-ties, wrong affections toward them, and ask for you to heal my life and their life. I ask you to heal my body and cleanse any defilement that I brought upon myself. I ask you to restore my spouse, that no defilement from me is placed upon him/her. I pray for cleansing and purifying of our hearts and lives from our bad choices, and ignorance in this matter. I pray for healing of any viruses or transmitted diseases to one another. I forgive those whom transferred diseases to me knowingly or in their ignorance. I forgive myself for doing the same with others. (Talk to God and be specific).

I ask you to reveal any relationships that are inordinate, any soul-ties and co-dependencies that I have so I can be free from them. I ask you to reveal too me if I'm someone who others need freedom from as well because I'm causing that soul-tie to continue. I ask you to release me from them all right now, exposing each one so that I can be freed.

I thank you for working this out in my life and restoring my body, mind and heart in cleanness to you Lord. I cast off every unclean and defiled spirit in Jesus Name!"

Note: If you have had multiple partners, be sure to name each and everyone off to the Lord and receive forgiveness for each and every act with them. Pray for all soul-ties be broken and that God restore you to wholeness in Him.

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