Revelation 12:11:

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

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The testimonials shown are those who have shared their experiences while going through the webpage teachings, read the books created by LAM, attended the on-line conference calls and Bible studies, or attended seminars. By sharing their experiences with you, may encourage you to keep on keeping on, for what God will do for one, He will do for another, He has no respect of persons - in other words - He doesn't show favoritism - we all have the same opportunities in God. To the degree we submit to His love, is the degree we will see manifestations in our life. There is a condition these individuals have had to submit to - and by sharing their stories you will see that the condition is love and forgiveness.

I have removed any names or references to people to keep this information confidential. There are hundreds more testimonials of healing, deliverance, more peace restored, God's love completed in them, etc., and those testimonials are available to view when attending a seminar, there are just too many to post here.

  • New: Like for so many, the doors are opening up wide to 'restore' others and it's amazing! Had no idea I would even be going down this road, but what God is doing in others lives by me and my husband sharing is incredible ~ so I found your website by searching for something, and it's amazing! I have been going through your material and it's life changing along with all the Pleasant Valley material I have. What you offer adds more 'meat' for me and to share with others your website. I printed off 'Forgiving Others' for someone and the testimony from them reading that was so neat! I wanted to ask if it's ok if I do this? I am developing a notebook to use for 'ministry' and wanted to add a couple of sections you have to help take someone further into some areas with their issues, and then I'm giving them your website to go through all your teachings. Thank you so much for all you have done to put this website together, it's amazing and so healing! I didn't have any idea that when you don't forgive, you take on that persons sins! Wow, that was a big eye opener and I want to share that with others!!

  • I received the books and started reading "A Matter of the Mind" first. It is really speaking to thank you so much! Thanks so much for what you shared in this e-mail as well. I was actually just talking to my best friend, the one that lives in Sacramento that I've known since childhood. She doesn't have any physical illness but struggles under such guilt, heaviness, and depression. I was sharing with her what God had been doing in my life and how much you had encouraged and ministered to me. I am praying that before too long, she will be ready too! I know that you will make a difference in her life through your Godly discernment and love! California

  • Just a quick note to thank you again for sharing your time and teaching with all of us last Saturday. Several times throughout the past week, the LORD confirmed your message to are definitely sharing His truth that sets us free!! You were such a blessing to all of us and it has been exciting. Thank you for your willingness to be used by the LORD. You are an inspiration to all of us.

  • Wow, what a weekend of impact. I am looking forward to keeping clean, hour by hour as things pop up that seem frustrating or hurtful.May I take a condensed version of this to the gals at the county jail? We only have an hour, but if I could just show them their identity according to the Word of God and the look at the identity they have accepted for themselves (worthless, etc. etc. ). To show them to ask for forgiveness and forgive their trespassers, it could give them a tool to change their own futures and I think the Lord can help me give them a simple version they can share with their cell-mates. California

  • Words cant express how much of a blessing your book has been to me. I have literally spent days meditating on one paragraph. I guess that's why I am still in chapter 2. The experiences that you have had and thought patterns are exactly- and I mean exactly like what I've experienced even down to the martian theory (: I never realized that fear could grip a person as it did me but I guess it can if its a spirit. But if God be for us who can be against us!!} As I have stated I will be sowing into your ministry when the smoke clears from the wedding. Oh yeah and I will thank you for the rest of my life for paragraph 2 on page 85 because this gave me the insight on why I was having second thoughts about marrying my wife. I expressed to her my concerns about maintaining an open relationship and being free to express ourselves and confide in each other about any and everything and do you know that a spirit of heaviness that I had on me for months immediately lifted off me! Glory to God!!! Con-10-u to allow God to use you as He has to educate those that are bound and show them how to be set free. One of my favorite passages of scripture states " I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the Glory that shall be revealed in us", so thank God for all the struggles that you've endured during your "present times" that have now produced a testimony to help the body of Christ overcome the enemy! Thanx again Linda and Be blessed.

  • Wow! I love your web site it is so helpful and it confirmed to me today what I've been suspecting. Lately I've been experiencing all my life fears and self rejections although I've been a "Christian " all my life too but I recently began to suspect that I didn’t know or believe God's love for me. I'm so tired of carrying around the weights of this world trying to survive without the tools to do so I want to know his love cuz I do carry such sorrows and pains inside no matter how many deliverance I get I seem to get no where. I feel like I gain some ground in my walk with God but then I still have a thread of something tying me to that pain and sorrows I've had to work all my life on trying to learn love coming from a abused family so it only stands to reason I wouldn’t fully know or accept His Love. I wanna know this before I die I want to conquer so many things in my walk before I die that only knowing Him intimately can help . So please pray as I begin my "Love Quest" to find his love for me. It's kind of scary too that’s another thing I lived and still live with fears galore being raise by a mental mother and absent father or abusive one thank you again for your website and prayers. Florida

  • Thank you very much! I have been looking for answers and I take this chance to inform you that I have received your E-mail Lessons. I'm Now going through them and to my surprise experiencing healing.

  • My words can never adequately express my Heart so with humble Thanksgiving. I Thank You and God Our Father for all His gifts and the many ways He shows His Love to me. Thank You for your thoughtfulness in taking the time to reply to me. I benefited from your wisdom. May Our Lord Bless You.

  • Thank you so much for your ministering to me , your sessions have blessed me so . Sadly I can relate to almost all the victimized list. Today I will study this session diligently so I will hopefully have some healing in this area. Your sessions are opening my eyes. I have shared these sessions with two of my friends and they also have been blessed by them. Thank you so much.

  • Wow! God is so good. I understand who I am as a child of God today. He has shown me some of the areas in my heart that I need to change and I have asked forgiveness and have received it. Today is a new day. Regardless of what the enemy is trying to show me through pain in my face .I am ready to move on.

  • On the last e-mail you sent me on knowing Gods Love, and forgiveness. I can not thank you enough. I went through the list, wrote down names, categories of hurt and a prayer to help me forgive. what happened is that I knew Gods love via my head, not my heart. after going through the list and praying that I want to be more free than holding on to any hurts, I am now understanding Gods love in my heart. I know have a desire to be in His word and listen to God and want to be close to God and want to see him as my father. The other day before you sent me the e-mail while I was in prayer, i saw myself in a pit and a person reaching out their hands to me pulling me out of the pit, I know see my self out of the pit. I can not thank you enough and your ministry.

  • Your message is awesome! So much I have already begun applying to my life since receiving ministry regarding the Father's love (I love you, I'm proud of you, I'm glad you were born, you are a good daughter) from Henry Wright in Nov. of 2002. But, what you are saying here opens up whole new avenues of application and is so practical and hands on! I never understood until today how the victim sinned - now I do. I have been asking the Father for a revelation of His love since Nov. 2002 and will continue to do so. I think your ministry to me is a part of His answer to me. I am going to do my journal and begin to unravel the lies that have formed my foundation and begin to rebuild my foundation on God's truth. In the past few weeks, He has really shown me how guilt and shame have been part of my foundation and how I allowed those two emotions to rule me leading to bad decisions. I've repented and renounced and removed. I know there is so much more to be torn down and rebuilt. Already, the 9 statements you listed below are no longer part of my thinking. I know and feel them to be untrue of my Heavenly Father! Wow - that is a huge distance for me to travel and how thankful I am He is so faithful to me. Anyway, I wanted you to know I received your message and will be working on the application of it. May I share this information with others? I've been sharing my journey with a couple of close friends (restore others). I am changing daily and I feel so much more peace in my life. I'll respond again after I've done my journal assignment, but I think you are right in saying if I am faithful to do this and just keep walking in the revelation of the Father's love for me, I probably won't need more ministry - it'll just be a praise report! Once again, thank you for your time and your willingness to get involved in my life.

  • Hello! I just wanted to say that I am currently going through this site, I am very excited about it, because the session that I read on Abandonment and Rejection really hit it on the nail for me. I was abandon by my mother when I was very young. She is currently an unbeliever, but I do pray for her to come to know the Loving Father. She contacts me off and on after years of no contact. It's not so painful anymore and I thank God for it! This site so far, is truly a blessing to me and others around me. Thank you for obeying God's voice to have this on the web. Netherlands

  • Thanks Linda, for your website and all your time and trouble to bring these awesome truths to us. I had visited your site some years ago and printed off some articles, but now it seems like it's the time for me to revisit and learn some more. I wish there were more people like you about, for I feel that the way God wants us to learn is through the personal experiences of other people, for it brings these truths home to us in a much more personal way, don't you think? However, so far, every attempt I've made to share my personal experiences to show someone a truth of God has fallen flat!! But, I know that in this there must be a personal lesson for me, because I know that God uses our own personal experiences to teach others, just like He used the parables. So, thanks Linda, for your site, and for your welcoming hand to all of us, and thanks for sharing your personal experiences. God bless you for your faithfulness to God's Kingdom and will.

  • Hi, I'm from Louisville, Kentucky. I don't usually respond to stuff I read on the internet, but wow. I just want to thank you for having the Mind Sync website up and available for ANYONE. God started me on a journey of healing and the things he brought up he showed me to work on one thing at a time, to pace myself, and to just let him bring things up. The Lord told me that this week he was going to begin to refather me. My first day I sat before God not knowing where to begin other than crying. I felt I should look up root causes of diabetes (diagnosed when I was 6). I had already known a lot of them but just felt I should research it more. When I read what you had written about the seed being rejection of a father, the craziest thing happened. I got dizzy and fell to the ground and just started screaming. Needless to say, I have practically printed out the whole website. All of this information and the prayers are so helpful...of course God's guidance is first but I'm finding that when God brings up the next thing it's usually the next thing you've got. I find that I sometimes can't even read the prayers out loud, because I feel all the disarray inside of me...but there is so much breakthrough. It's funny, I scream a lot. :) One thing the Lord showed me that started this healing process a while ago, is that I have an unloving/antichrist spirit. Which is actually another reason it's hard to write this email because I tense up and get angry/offended at anything good from God. He showed me that I've been a house divided for a long time...but I'm getting to know this spirit and it's characteristics and I'm calling them out until the creature is fully known, because I was created for One Spirit. I go to "counseling," a woman whose life call is to minister healing/deliverance, so I'm in great hands and God is doing things in me really fast right now. So yeah... thanks for the website... I"ve already shared it with many people. Thank you for helping to get Jesus' Bride healed and ready. Time is short, and there is a lot of healing to be a pure and spotless bride. You go girl. Kentucky

  • Called to leave a message to let you know how touched and impressed I am with the contents of your workbook! God really has given you a direct and simple way to help us apply these truths and understand them! Praise Him and thank you! God is really working in mighty and mysterious ways to perform His mighty deeds among His people. Can't encourage you enough to keep following Him and sharing with others! Love you!! Texas

  • I have spent weeks going through your website. I am very thankful for your ministry. God has used you to bring revelation to me concerning my health. I have been taking daily communion and studying the fullness of the cross. I have been an avid studier of natural health and nutrition for 15 years but that did not solve my problems. My endocrine system shut down a few years ago and I believe your teaching was a completion of the work the Lord had to do in me for me to receive my total complete healing. Thank you for sharing, I had an amazing time going through your 6 basic principles and have received so much freedom. I have shared your site with many many people already and the Care Pastors of our church who minister in healing and deliverance used some of your material to bring revelation to the congregation last night. I believe as you have planted good seeds into me I will return that with seeding into you. I will seed into your ministry as the Lord leads and I will be sending a check in the mail today. Thank you for freely giving as God has freely given to you. I believe this will be an asset to my own ministry. I am grateful to the Lord for directing me to you. and thankful to you for having this teaching available.

  • Just a quick note, Linda, to say THANK YOU for your ministry today! I feel freer right now than I have in YEARS and I just have this overwhelming peace and "warmth" and KNOW that this whole thing was perfectly orchestrated by GOD - the timing, the things I've been going through, my continuing and escalating stress over them - just when I thought it was getting more and more hopeless - just when I said "I give up" - God has met me right there...! I feel like a weight has been lifted! I am excited to see what I can do first now - to PLAY, though - not to WORK! I know there is a time for work that is necessary and I'm not saying I need to shirk all my responsibilities of course! But for someone like me who has OVERdone the "work" part - and done "dead works" that are totally UNnecessary - IT'S TIME TO PLAY! Now, the only thing is I don't know what I want to do first for fun! Read this book I got from the library that's an author I used to thoroughly enjoy a long time ago? Play a computer game? Hmm... I honestly can't think of what else I DO for fun - might have to "work" on that ;) Thank you again, Linda, for taking your valuable time to share your insights with me. Thank you for telling me I CAN be free - indeed I AM free already - I just have to walk in that freedom.

  • I am so thrilled the Lord lead me to you site. I was lead by Him to search out the root cause of sickness and disease and your words of wisdom and testimony have truly blessed me!!! I feel like yeah...that's how I feel. I am still trying to read all of the sections on your site and every few moments I have to raise my hand to the Lord and praise Him for His goodness of leading me to His truth and using you and your testimony to bless me. I may not have met you, but be assured... I know you in the Spirit and I love you with the Love of Jesus!!

  • I took a moment to look at your website this afternoon and was pleased
    to see your teleconference teachings. It really is a great way to reach
    people! I thought you did a great job with your message of Trusting

  • First I would really like to say God Bless you for your time, testimony, and for reaching out to people like myself. Where I stand right now is a very lonely place. I have separated myself from people including friends and family out of fear of being hurt again, but it seems that I am hurting more than ever in my isolated place. I do have a very loving and supportive husband who I thank God for daily. I am 40 years old now and accepted Jesus as my Savior five years ago. And these last five years have been the hardest in my entire life! I could tell you the whole story but it is a very long one. It seems since I've been saved my past has reared its head in a very ugly way and I am being forced to deal with it. And in the last couple of years I have been on the receiving end of many " perceived offences" mostly from the very people I love the most. I realize now that it has not been the offensive words I have been hearing but "my own reaction" to them that has brought me so much misery and bodily pain. I believe God has brought me to this place of complete dependence upon Him where it belongs instead of my need of constant approval from others. I never knew God growing up and when He entered my life I didn't really understand how to begin. After many tearful nights of begging and pleading I feel that I have been led to your website. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME as I am going through what I believe to be a major life changing learning process. Thank you again! and I pray that God blesses your ministry tremendously!

  • Thank you so much for your website it offers people like me hope that something like this is explained in detail to better understand of why I was not growing in Christ. I am what people call a co dependent and your January newsletter was so enlightening about the quick fix. I can identify with that and so many other things. Thank you!

  • I’m finding your website very interesting and can appreciate that you have a real heart for reaching people for salvation and healing. God has been doing so much in my own life in the healing/spiritual warfare department. You seem to understand and have experienced some very similar things. I had one concern I wanted to mention. Please look at encouraging people to be baptized at a local church following a prayer of salvation. I think the church has lost the importance of obeying the call to repent and be baptized. I’m not saying we aren’t saved until we are baptized, but it is important enough to mention as a command from the Lord.

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