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And ye shall know the truth,
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We just completed a series of sessions from March 6th, from 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (PST) through April 10th, 2013 called "Restoring Your life." We talked about several things that may be of great help to you. See them below. Check in again when we start up sometime in the next few months with more sessions. In order to join in, you will need an access code, so if you are intersted, please use the contact form below.


Week 1 - Dealing with Frustration 42 minutes
Week 2 - How to stop complaining, and why it's importing for our health 46 minutes
Week 3 - Part 2 on Complaining 52 Minutes
Week 4 - Part 3 on Complaining 49 Minutes
Week 5 - Trusting and Believing God 1 hour
Week 6 - Grieving Loss without the Bitter Pain 1 hour

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