Revelation 12:11

And they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their (ours) testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death.

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The following emails are a fraction of what we have received, from around the world, of individuals who have truly been helped through this ministry. Praise the Lord, we are hearing of lives being changed. We hope these encourage you as much as they have encouraged us to keep us keeping on.

About Ron: He came to church with a praise today! He had been falling down (as if someone or something was pushing him) almost everyday (for two years since his wife died) and seeing ghosts. Not much peace to be had at his home. Well, praise God, since you prayed for him and his house, things have changed! Hallelujah, no more falling down and no seeing scary stuff! He is so thankful and and looks so much better. He said to please thank you so much for praying for him! (San Luis Obispo-2012)

The night I came across your web page, I prayed to God exactly and precisely to help me with specific things in my life. I also prayed with conviction that He would help find someone to help me understand what is going on. Another person who like me, lives in this world, but is not of this world. Someone who through their own life experience has had their faith tested and knows the power, grace and love of God. Someone like me who can relate to and appreciate my difficult times. Then I found your page. From there, it has been a force of strength when I feel weak and joy when I feel sad. I know Jesus Christ is in your ministry, so its no surprise that when I dedicate some of my day listening to you that His love and power manifest through your teaching. With so much friendship and love I again extend my appreciation to you and your ministry. You are always in my prayers. And just to let you know, there is still a ways to go between my wife and I, but your prayers are working and I feel them working in our lives. (Aaron - 2012)

I have recieved more knowledge and understanding that has helped me get free from the endocrine failure I had and have been healed of. The Lord used your website to
reveal some hidden things and I am very thankful and I have been able to
share your site with others. (Lorrie)

We get so much out of your teachings and I have just done the Abandonment and Rejection teaching. We live in New Zealand and I share the teachings around and lots of people are being touched and getting freedom through your teachings and the work the Holy Spirit is doing through you. So thank you so much for your obedience.
thank you so much (New Zealand)


Wow, I just finished the unforgiveness series and bitterness. and did all the application you taught I do feel better. I could feel the compassion as I saw their junk was taken on by the person who did that to them in the first place . I felt so much compassion for them immediately. I forgave them. so easily. I was able to use this just now, husband called and he got curt with me under pressure and I had resentment , I went to God. He cleared my heart and it was taken care of. I prayed and took care of the weed in my own heart. My husband called me back in a minute and said God showed him his heart. Wow, Linda God is so at work. I look forward to going through all the tapes conferences and growing in the Lord. You are an answer from prayer as God as shown me your teachings as a tool for my life. I am saying Whooopie, thank you Lord for L A M. I am passing on the word to teachers and all I can touch with the truth of God's word. Love to you from His heart. (Illinois)

I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my disturbed heart! LOL Seriously though, I found this site years ago,[the 6 principles teachings,spiritually based diseases] and well, I think I got into the middle of 'working it out' and fainted. so to speak. Now the Lord has lead me back here, and I realize (strange how He just keeps on working on us anyway!) that I need to go on and work through this hurtful, painful stuff, even though I didn't realize it was there. I too am called into the ministry, but can't do it til this is worked out....removal of that beam ya know... So, Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, the deepest recesses of my being, be thanks to God for placing you in my path. God bless you and your ministry, your family, and may you always be right in the center of His love, and abundant revelation of even more of it! In Jesus precious Name, Amen! (Texas)

I thank you for the treasure of teaching and truths upon your website. I have been mightily blessed with your section on Abandonment and rejection and I thank God for your learning and sharing of it to all of us. It set me free from this bondage and went back into my childhood as a cause, but no more will it bind me but free I will continue to serve my husband and God to further the Kingdom of God In Jesus Name, Amen. (England) of TRUTH that will set many, many FREE! "WELL DONE GOOD & FAITHFUL SERVANT"Peace be with you in CHRIST JESUS, (Minnesota)

After reading your post tonite, on rejection and abandonment, I have had a break through. I just want to say thank you, for sharing this with the world, your story.. I'm so lost for words at the moment, my life is changed.. and I have never felt more closer to being free of these feelings of rejection. I'm typing this as I'm wiping the tears from my eyes. It hit me so hard tonite, and your story.. just helped me so much. Thank you so much Linda.. (U.K)

Thank you for this site! It has helped me deal with a lot in such a small amount of time!! Please keep me in prayer I'm having intestinal/digestive issues. (Mariland)

In a time of desperation, I cried out to God for help. I was so frustrated and weary about life, God, people, myself and the devil. So confused and torn because of what I was told all my life concerning myself,God and the devil. I looked for truth everywhere,so I searched for it reading/studying God's word,listening through television,online and anyway that I could. None of those messages seems to work because everyone seem to be saying,no that's not truth, God is not saying that,its this way. I struggled with what I've been taught and know what God was trying to bring me into. I was more confused and frustrated. After crying out to God in absolute turmoil about my life I've wasted so many years, I reminded God what was said in his Word, Joel 2:25 and then realize that I have spiritual parasites that has been eaten my life away. I searched the web and found one of your teachings concerning sins that leads to sickness. Prior to that,I was reading God's word and noticed that Jesus often said that your sins are forgiven and they were made whole. I questioned God about this and ask him to give me more understanding to what I am seeing.I even questioned if what I was seeing was really Him showing me the connection between forgiveness of sins and healing or just me? I long for truth and I seek truth.I'm so fearful of falling into heresy and doing what's unpleasing to God every little thought or wrong I done/did I paniced and question my salvation. After reading about, how to know if you are saved on your website teachings page, all I could say was WOW, over and over again. Everything that God was trying to get me to see, believe and receive, you touched on that. What really got me was the part that you said, satan uses the word of God against us! A light just went off and I thought wow, that's it right there! I've only remember that scripture and used it concerning people and that is another issue. I know I'm rambling but just excited and have so much to share. I am so thankful to God, that I found just what I needed to remind me of His Word and give it in simplicity where I can understand it. I'm so grateful for your teachings that it literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing God's truth with the me and the world.God bless you! (Florida)

I just found your site this morning and am absolutely loving it. It is water to my weary soul. I have been stuck for a long, long tome having had many difficult situations and being crushed from the weight of sorrow. I bear witness by the Holy Spirit to so many things you have ministered and also have gotten some new insight as well. I have a testimony like yours that is long, but I want to, like you, have a new testimony. One of deliverance and to see many brothers and sisters also delivered from bondage to fear. This is like a fresh breath and I can't wait for the next lesson, but I plan to reread the first lesson today and chew on it until it becomes a part of me. Thank You so much. I pray that God would bring you to the Minnesota area some day. I am living in a little town, Wabasha, on the Mississippi river and there are many denominational churches in this area. I have been praying for a breath of God here to blow in. God Bless You and Thank You again! (Minnesota)

A good friend wronged me back in August and I have been literally CONSUMED with it. I have had tapes play and play in my head, I have lost tons of sleep over it, I have cried, stewed, and my hubby thought I was cracking up. I found this site tonight. I printed out the little chart with Gods thought and the devils thoughts and all night tonight every time a wrong thought would pop in my head, I would confess it to the Lord. I just could NOT figure out a way to take those thoughts captive and I think I have made a break through. My husband just got home from work and I told him and he is excited for me! Thanks Linda for this site. I plan to pour over your newletters and buy your book. (Wisconsin)

On Saturday, November 5, 2011, I attended your seminar and here are some of the things that have transpired since that day...

I'm seeing changes in my husband without me even saying a word and when I shared all of these amazing things with him, he said that he wants to go to a seminar, too, so that he can become free. Thank you so much for the ministry that you share. I am awed at the freedom that I am living in and I'm sure that I have only touched the tip of the iceberg for what's to come. (California)

I want to say thank you for posting your teachings. The teaching on Fear was the revelation I needed in order for God to deliver me from spirits that were tormenting me. When I realized that I needed to accept God's love, I was set free. Now I'm on the right track; growing in love with God, myself and people. All thanks and praises to God and Jesus for the healing and deliverance! (New York)

just wanted to say thank you. Seven years ago the Lord dropped 2 words into my mind at the end of a service - abandonment and rejection. It was totally random and had nothing to do with the message. I prayed for a week before he revealed these are 2 strongholds in my life. I played at dealing with them but the areas are so painful I didn't want to get too close. This morning I was by myself and it was time. I'm already feeling the pain so why not storm in? I googled "spirit of abandonment and rejection" and came across your website. (Not that I needed to be convinced but I said yes to 8 of the 10 abandonment points and all of the rejection ones!) I know our God is bigger than the enemy and He is trustworthy - at least I know it in my head. I prayed the prayer you wrote and will continue to confess those words until I too am free. I know it can happen and now that I have read your anointed words I believe it will happen. Thank you for your openness. (North Carolina)

(This is an email from a "blog" teaching) "Every day is to be a new glorious day, not carrying in things from the day before (or years for that matter) into today. Everything from yesterday backwards is DEAD and gone… and if we continue thinking of those things that cause us pain, we are fellowshipping with death. Life is to be your companion, not death."

Linda this is so powerful.. I can't thank you enough for sharing your treasure from God. It truly is liberating and has set me free from bondage to this situation whenever it happens again. No doubt, however much we avoid hurting others unintentionally it happens. This learning is very beautiful and True. I hope you don't mind I have shared this with other women of God and pray they will be set free from the same... Be blessed (U.K)

I would like to express our gratitude, first of all, for the writing of the book "What Was I Thinking?" and secondly for supplying copies of it to our ministry to utilize with those to whom we minister deliverance. The battlefield of the mind, the effects of negative, toxic, “stinking thinking” and a need of deliverance from evil spirits is presented clearly in your book and is a much needed tool to help people to break free from strongholds and to stay free. Thank you! (Georgia)

Hello Linda, just a quick note to let you know that your ministry has brought revival in my heart and spirit. Several years ago I had felt led to minister to others through prayer and healing, but not surprised of wiles of the enemy trying to stop me...which has happened for a while now. I wanted to let you know your ministry is amazing and of great help. God bless you. (Texas)



Please take some time to share your testimonial with us, and as we share these with others, many will find encouragement and HOPE for their lives. What God will do for one, He will do for another, He is no respector of persons.