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We offer several books (in Alphabetical order) and then list services, CD's and DVD's to help you in find restoration, healing and deliverance in every area of your life. Every book listed and ever DVD, CD offered has been tried and tested and found true... they change lives everyday when we apply what is being taught. Use PAYPAL or MAJOR CREDIT CARDS by phone. Call us to place your order today 530-620-4641.
A Matter of the Mind "Updated and Revised"
Now Available for electronic download to Kindle or other reading device. Go to and order today! This is the NEW Revised Version, 2017. This book is Linda's autobiography. She shares her personal journey from a place of dis-ease, anxiety, stress, worry, and fear to a place of healing, stability, faith, hope, peace, and love. A truly amazing story, because she had been a Christian 18 years before finding her freedom! If you wonder why you don't see the promises of God working in your life, then this book is a must!
NEW!!! A Matter of the Heart.. "how to" get free from fear and anxiety
This book is a continued saga of Linda's freedom from anxiety, stress, panic attacks and phobias. This is about how God met her, showed her the truth that made her free, and how it was accomplished. By sharing her story may help you gain your freedom, too.
NEW!! How to Walk in the Spirit...of God
We are told to walk in the Spirit. We often reference Galatians where it says what the fruit of the spirit is. Did you know you don't have to go after the fruit but that the fruit develops when we walk in the Spirit? Kinda oxymoron? But, when we understand what walking in the spirit means and walking in the flesh, we will have what we need to choose! This is a booklet filled with insights, practical application, and the truth that will make you free. I truly believe that life will be easier for you just by reading these pages!! And you will have what you need to help others.
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Stopping the Accuser - NEW!!
Who has felt guilt? Who has been condemned? Who has felt bad? Well, these all come from the accuser. Is there a way to have peace at all times and never feel guilt and shame and condemnation again? Yes! This booklet will give you clear instruction according to the Word on what you can do when the accuser comes. You can truly, Shut him down... whether it comes from our own thinking or from another individual. We are to remain in peace at all times with all men. And it is truly possible. In doing that, you will not only feel better your health will improve, your relationships will improve and your walk in the Lord will improve. This booklet takes the place of "Guilt and Condemnation" because in order to get free of guilt and condemnation, you need to know how to stop the accuser.
Bitterness and Unforgiveness
This 38 page booklet (6x9) is packed with a punch! It goes into the reason for bitterness and how to find peace. We talked about unforgiveness, and how to truly forgive from your heart. Without these things, we are heading down a dangerous pathway. Bitterness and Unforgiveness is a deadly duo... that we need to take out once and for all! This booklet is small enough to carry around and share with others.
Do You Have an Un-Biblical Cord?
Are you co-dependent? Do you feel like you are being manipulated by others? Do you feel guilty for not doing what others want of you? Do you feel like you have to act a certain way for certain people? These are indicators of having wrong soul-ties, co-dependency, or inordinate affection which can lead to being controlled and manipulated OR being the one controlling and manipulating. Either way, it is not God's best for us. So, how do we stop being co-dependent? How can we stop worrying and fearing what others will think of us if we don't do what they want? This booklet will answer these questions and many more to help you find your freedom and learn to develop godly and healthy relationships. (38 page booklet, easy to carry and pass on to others.)
Traumas that cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can erupt at any time in a person’s life. But what do we do if or when it happens to us? What do we do with the past traumas in our life? Can we ever get free from the painful and fearful thoughts? These are questions that are answered in this booklet. Powerful insights to help you take back your life and live again. And Yes, there is hope! Hope for you! (34 page booklet, 6x9 paperback)
Fearless Living - Workbook
This book helps individuals who are dealing with fear, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, frustration, worry, anger, depression, emotional pain, or any life issues that causes them to lose their peace. It is a workbook to help individuals discover the root of their fearfulness, and get rid of it once and for all. We don't put a management program on it, we get rid of it! If it can work for me, who suffered 30 years, and 18 as a Christian, it can work for you. The Truth in God's Word heals, when we learn how to apply it to our lives. (143 pages, 8x10 paperback)
Loving God - Updated and Revised 2015
Have you ever wondered how to "receive" God's love for you? You may "know" it in your head, but what about experiencing it in your heart? What about where you live? How do we really love God? How do we love ourself? Do we really need to love others and how when people don't treat us right? These and many other questions are answered in this life-changing book. For deeper insights and study, pick up the study guide as well.
Loving God - Study Guide
Be sure to pick up this study guide as well to get the most out of the Loving God book. Until we can truly love God, receive His love, love ourself and love others, we will struggle through this life. God wants you to be free to enjoy your life, and when we walk in love the possibilities are countless.
Nothing But the Truth, so Help Me God
This 78 page book will help you see that If the truth makes us free, why are some of us still in some kind of bondage? Could it be we aren't being truthful somewhere? Could it be that it's something we aren't even seeing? This booklet will help you see the truth, how to live in it, and stay in truth with yourself, others and God. Because the result of living in truth is a truly blessed life. This book is available on Kindle Publishing at
HOLES - stop the leak! (Updated and Revised)
This 24 page booklet talks about areas in our life that don't seem complete. It feels like something is missing... we help you see if there are any holes in your life and what to do about it. Until the holes are repaired, our lives will continue to leak what we desire to retain! This small booklet can be used as a tool to help others, as it is small and easy to carry.
BELIEVE Journal - Updated and Revised
A Believe Journal is where you write down things that you are believing God for. We can all write down what we ask for, we even write down what happened that day, what God has done for us, all very good... but we also need to keep a “believe” journal. This is what will activiate our faith to see more results. We preface the journaling pages with a teaching on how to get better results in your prayer life. We have to “do” the Word by “believing” what we are asking for, and that is why many people get discouraged and sometimes get mad at God for not answering prayers. By doing some simple changes in your journaling, I believe your life will be changed as mine did when I applied the principles taught in this journal. Start today believing what you are asking God for, and if you have a hard time believeing, ask Him to Help you believe! (150 Pages - 6x9 - paper back)
ROOTS - what is growing in us?
That is 23 page booklet talks about the importance for a strong foundation. But how do we do that? What roots are we talking about? How do we get rid of the bad roots and grow new ones? How do we know we have bad roots? I thought when I became a Christian, I’m a new creature old things are passed away? This booklet answers these questions and more, helping you to see the truth that makes you free. We all want to grow in God and have a good tree planted by living waters, but in order to do that, we need a good solid root system. This booklet gives practicaly application to help you achieve this in your own life, and also to equip you to help others.
What Was I Thinking? Updated and Revised
This book reveals marvelous links to the human mind and the soul. It's a proven fact that where our mind goes, our body follows. The Bible says that we are what we think... so if our lives are not going the way we want, who is responsible? We are! Not God. He works with us as we make decisions for our lives. So by getting our thinking in line with Truth, the fruit will follow. (333 pages, Republished through Life Application Ministries Publication 2015)
What Was I Thinking - Student Guide
This is the workbook that is used with the What Was I Thinking book. Great for personal or bible group studies. Thousands have read this book and received great insight into how the Lord created our brains... how they interact with our body... and what we can do about diseases that come from anxiety and stress. This is a must for any person wanting to help people get free! And this workbook helps you to learn so you can help others.
Prayer Guide
This prayer guide is filled with 45+ prayers, but not just prayers, but insight on any block that could prevent your prayers from being answered along with ministering prayers if you want to help others. This is a small pocket book you can take with you anywhere. NOW available for electronic download at for 6.95!
Buttons of Self worth - updated and revised!
This booklet dives into areas of our lives that the enemy uses to cause us to doubt ourself, our worth, or who we are in Christ. Knowing what those triggers are (which I call “buttons”) and what we can do to break free from them will help you learn to love yourself more, love others, and serve God with a pure heart. We all have some triggers, and this booklet teaches you how to get rid of those triggers so you can fulfill the call of God in your life.
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Forgiving from Your Heart
Forgiveness is one of the most important things we need to do as a Christian. By learning to forgive from our heart, we are setting ourselves up for healing and restoration. Many think they have forgiven, but an indicator that you have not is that there is still PAIN associated with that memory OR when you think of them you get a "ping" in your stomach. We are to forgive so that all pain is gone, freeing us, so we can forgive from our heart. We cannot forgive through pain... not completely. This booklet gives insights and instruction on a true heart forgiveness.
Abandonment and Rejection UPDATED AND REVISED!
New information and insights have been added to this already amazing life-changing book. So, be sure to pick up your copy today, even if you already received an earlier version. Abandonment and Rejection is rampant in lives today. As a Christian, it shouldn't be so, but most of those I talk with are Christians. We simply need to understand where we were abandoned and what to do about it, so that the "feeling" of rejection doesn't take root. It's all about forgiveness. This 48 page booklet (6x9) is an easy read but packed full of truth that will help you find your freedom.
Grieving Cover
Grieving Loss without the Bitter Pain
(83 pages): There is a difference between Grieving and Mourning. This booklet goes into the differences and why one brings torment and the other brings comfort. The Bible say, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." So then why aren't some comforted? This book goes into what the Bible teaches and how we can apply "peace" and "comfort" to our lives. Many are still grieving over some one who died 20 years ago. It's time to put off the grave clothes and come out into the "Land of the Living." With stories and practical application, this book is a must.
Exposing the Spirits of Envy and Jealousy
This insightful book helps to expose what may be happening in people's lives they aren't even aware of. Envy and Jealousy is what can destroy your life and other people's lives, it's what sent Jesus to the cross. We have to expose it, if it is working in us. This book describes what these are and what we can do about it. A must for anyone wanting to find more freedom in their lives.
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One-On-One Ministry with Linda Lange
Receive 1 hour of ministry with Linda Lange by phone/face time or Skype. In the comments section, let us know when you are available for a call back. We will return your call with 48 hours to schedule your appointment. Many have received help and healing already, and what God will do for one, He will certainly do for another, even you! Be sure to check out the website which offers free services and links to help you on your journey with the Lord ( Each session is provided at a $45.00 minimum donation.
Tom's Tidbits
This 90 page 8x6 booklet is filled with quotes and phrases that my husband Tom has said over the years. He has a way of finding the truth and logic in just about every conversation we have. Many of his "one-liners" have caused me to grasp the truth and even make life changing decisions. They are funny, thought provoking and even deep insights that come from a man who has a grasp on reality, but finds humor in just about everything.
"AHA" Moments - Updated and Revised for 2016!
This 365 page daily devotional relates to personal growth, health, relationship issues and more. It's filled with insights and revelations that Linda and her husband Tom personally went through that helped develop their relationship with one another, enhanced their walk with the Lord and now help others with what they have learned. Each day will cause you to reflect in your own life in ways you may not have ever seen before. Some things are reminders, some things are new, some things are areas that go deeper. Our heart is that you find the freedom and healing you desire in your life and we hope this devotional helps.
Children's Personalized Coloring Book
Have a coloring book created for your children starring your child. The books shown are my (Linda Lange's) Granddaughers. It's a great gift and life-time keepsake! Simply provide the color/black and white photos by mail or email and we will create this amazing 32 page coloring book. All you need to do is add the color crayons for a great gift!
Understanding Manipulation and Control
Manipulation and Control are very destructive to our lives. So this book goes into describing them, where they come from, what the Bible says about it, and what we are to do about it. Because sometimes we are the ones doing the manipulating and controlling. See, they go together, as I like to put it this way, We manipulate to GAIN control… but this is ungodly. This book is filled with real life stories that come out of Linda's personal life and things she has observed. This book is a must for every Christian so that you can find your freedom and know how to handle those who cause grief in this way.
Life Lessons for Children
This 8.5 x 11 (126 pages)l is designed for parents who want to teach their children about Jesus. It was inspired by my grandchildren who live in Alaska and is very hard to go to church every sunday in 40 degrees below zero, so they can use this book to teach their children at home on Sundays. It is not just stories from the Bible, but mostly how to apply the Bible to a child's every day life. We talk about love, forgiveness, giving, and being like Jesus. It has 52 lessons (for 52 sundays in a year) along with scriptures, memory verses and crafts. It also comes with a CD for using to print off the craft projects. What a great time to start sharing more in the home about Jesus. This can also be used as a supplement to Sunday School teachers and churches. (NOTE: You can request a FREE CD of the craft projects that go with this book. You can then print off the projects from your computer.)
JOURNALS - Personalized
Personalize a journal for yourself or for someone as a gift. They are created with that person in mind. Each journal has 150 ruled pages (or blank if desired), with embellishments on each page, per your specifications. Size is 6 x 9 (average book size). The journal is created as though YOU are the writer. Very unique and a great gift for anyone at any age. I have grandchildren who cannot write yet, so I left the pages blank for them to draw in.
Discovering God Workbook - Updated and Revised
This workbook is a complete overall teaching of Life Application Ministries and is used in all conferences and seminars. Your own study guide that will help you discover the truth of God's love IN you and for you. How to build a relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost because it is critical for a life to be built upon a rock. Even for individuals seasoned, this is a MUST for every minister, teacher, and individual wanting to find help, and then teach others.
Why We Get Sick? Student Handbook and CD
This books comes with a teleconference class series DVD set for $20.00. This book and class teaching helps us discover why we get sick, what we can do about it, and what God does. Many times we are waiting on God when it's in our court. We believe that our health is connected to what we think. This is a great tool and resource for personal use and helping others find their freedom from whatever ails them.

Complete DVD Teaching Series
Total package of 17 DVDS. You will receive the full library of teachings, over 8 hours for $85.00 (Add $8.00 for priority shipping) CA residents please add tax. (topics are listed below) Session 1 - Intro and Testimonial Session 2 - "Holes" - Why we can't seem to get ahead Session 3 - Guilt and Condemnation Session 4 - Abandonment and Rejection Session 5 - (Father's Love) (4 DVD series) Session 6 - Worth and Value Session 7 - Onion Principle - How to deal with the hurts Session 8 - Forgiveness (4 DVD series) Session 9 - Road Map to freedom Session 10 - Fear vs. Faith (intro) Session 11 - Buttons - what makes us act the way we do Session 12 - Stories - interviews and testimonials
"Revealing Truth" - (Complete Website Teaching)
This book is filled with insights and revelations that Life Application Ministries shares at seminars, conferences and through the web-site studies. If you want a deeper intimate walk with the Lord, this book is a must. Healing, deliverance and peace come when we are at peace with God, ourselves and others in every area of our lives. It's filled with stories, revelations and testimonials by Linda and others to help encourage you and help you find your healing and restoration. For what God does for one, He will do for another, and yes, You! (262 pages, 6x9 paperback)
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2017 Restoring Your Life Conference DVD
10 DVDs including worship by Pastor Caspar is a full teaching time from five different speakers. The theme was on relationship with God, yourself and others. This is the foundation for our health and prosperous life.

Publish Your Book!
If you have written a book but not sure how to get it published without it costing you thousands of dollars, then Life Application Ministries Publication (LAMP) may be of service to you. The minimum donation is $200.00, but many have given as much as $500.00 upon completion because of the professional work and timeliness of our work. As a ministry, we want to help you succeed in all that you do, and this is one way we can help you do that at the same time, helping us keep this service available to others. For more information contact us at or call 530-620-4641. Don't wait any longer, your book can be out in as little as 3 weeks!
Freedom From Guilt and Condemnation
So many people live with guilt and condemnation. This is not from God. Learn where this comes from and how to rid yourself once and for all. Guilt can block you from receiving all of God's blessings for you!
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